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Check out the official box art for MLB 09 The Show, taken from EB Games.

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# 1 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/07/09 10:46 PM

Just a minor insignificant complaint. I wish they chose a home uni, considering the Sox have the new away ones. And obviously you can not get a shot of him in action with it yet. But all in all, it still looks great. Nice shot of him.

Of course this is probably the best shot out of them all, and possibly there wasn't any home uni ones that were as good as this one.
# 2 Blzer @ 01/07/09 10:52 PM
Just a small pet peeve of mine, because I've seen it on numerous covers... but why do they find it okay to overlap part of the game's title with the cover athlete? Looks kind of childish to me.
# 3 Cubfan @ 01/07/09 11:04 PM
Im surprised this is up since SCEA hasn't offically announced the cover athelite.
# 4 Electron Blue @ 01/07/09 11:27 PM
i greatly prefered the generic one that all the websites were using as placeholders.
# 5 drbill28 @ 01/07/09 11:31 PM
All right Pedroia! Nice choice.
# 6 bcruise @ 01/07/09 11:45 PM
I guess it's official now.

If that went up within the last hour or so, it makes you wonder if some NDA's just expired...
# 7 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/07/09 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by ajw
Yeah just what we need another Red Sock. Wasn't Big Papi on the cover 3 years ago?
Yes, because Yankees (Jeter) has not been on enough covers of baseball games.

Give it a rest team fans. I wouldn't care if Jeter was on the cover this year, or even A-rod of all people. I still bought all the ASB series, regardless, during the Jeter every year.

A great game is a great game.

And there is a reason they do not use a generic cover, and I don't think I need to elaborate beyond the boldness of the word.
# 8 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/07/09 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
Says the person that has his boy on the game this year.
No, more like, says the person who still bought every damn baseball game that has a Yankee on the cover, and not once complained about it.

Didnt complain about Wright, Howard, Vlad, etc. either.

I am a baseball fan first.
# 9 ARMORALLL @ 01/08/09 03:48 AM
Any chance there will be some custom covers?
# 10 dapoktan @ 01/08/09 04:32 AM
I agree w/ Enigma.. Dont matter who's on the cover, I'm a Yankee fan, and I ignored the Ortiz cover a few years back.. Manny was on MVP 2005, i loved that game.. In basketball, I ignore that KG's on the cover of 2k9..

I wish it woulda been Pujols on the cover.. Doesnt get enough love despite being the BEST player in baseball.. he was on mvp04.. but still.. jus cuz he doesnt play in ny or boston.. a videogame like this can show casual fans who the best player in baseball is.. He was really under the radar for having such an amazing season and being the NL MVP.. altho that coulda been cuz the cards were pretty bad early on.
# 11 countryboy @ 01/08/09 07:08 AM
I don't care who's on the cover, I just care about the game.

Disclaimer: I only say this because a Cardinal has not be on the cover. Until that day happens, if it ever does, I'll pretend like I'm not saddened by the fact and will continue to make/use a custom cover.
# 12 jwired21 @ 01/08/09 07:25 AM
I only look at the cover as I'm opening the game. After that I never look at it again since The Show never comes out of the PS3 anyway.
# 13 WatchdogXC @ 01/08/09 08:42 AM
I don't really care all that much who is on it, but I think they could have chosen a better picture. It isn't like he is a big home run hitter and it has him taking that big swing. I'd rather see a pre swing stance pic or a shot of him in the field.
# 14 magoo1967 @ 01/08/09 08:46 AM
Well although I loath the Red Sox, I'll admit the little guy deserves it after the year he had. Now with that said, I'm hoping for some great custom covers like a few OS members made last year. I realize that the cover doesn't really matter much, but I actually keep my copy of The Show on display on my games shelf & there will be no Red Skunks displayed in my home. Last year I rotated between 5 different Yankees covers that I got off this forum (Mariano, Posada, Joba, Arod, & Lou Gherig...they were all awesome). I tried to make a few myself, but mine didn't compare.
# 15 ckarlic @ 01/08/09 08:50 AM
Nice...Its good to finally see the Official Box Art. It means that we are one step closer to getting our grimey hands on this game.

I also think Pedroia was a great choice for cover athlete this year. Even though I am a Yankees fan, I can admit a great player when I see one and Pedroia has proven that he is the real deal.
# 16 ckarlic @ 01/08/09 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by jwired21
I only look at the cover as I'm opening the game. After that I never look at it again since The Show never comes out of the PS3 anyway.
That is true, but when the game loads you still see the cover athlete.
# 17 ndnyy317 @ 01/08/09 09:07 AM
Even as a Yankees fan, I don't care if it's Pedroia, he deserves it. But that's just an awful looking cover. Poor picture selection, and equally as poor picture placement. Like a second-rate photoshop job.

Guess it's a good thing we don't buy the games for their covers. Can't wait for this one!
# 18 ab713 @ 01/08/09 09:21 AM
I hope its a fake. The generic MLB ball cover is a lot better.
# 19 kennyacid @ 01/08/09 11:29 AM
good choice, he deserves it. but it doesnt really matter to me because i always make my own custom cover for sports games anyway. i might do one for my whites sox finally...hmmmm i might start drawin the layout 2nite
# 20 nemesis04 @ 01/08/09 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by wsu_gb23
.... maybe they should just put a Pittsburgh Pirate on the cover or something...bet nobody would say anything then.
People would not think it was a baseball game then!

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