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ESPN has posted an interview with Hines Ward, as he complains about his speed rating in Madden 09, among other things.

"When it comes to Madden NFL 09, Hines Ward is the slowest receiver on the Steelers with an 87 speed rating. "You don't see me blazing by guys in real life, but I'm pretty good after I catch the ball," says Ward when told of his slow-footed doppelganger. "I caught a ball against the Atlanta Falcons and ran with one shoe on, and DeAngelo Hall, who is supposed to be one of the fastest guys in the NFL, he couldn't catch me. If he couldn't catch me with one shoe, then apparently I'm not that slow."

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# 1 thudias @ 01/09/09 04:46 PM
Wahhh None of the players like their Madden speed rating
# 2 matt8204 @ 01/09/09 05:03 PM
So Hines thinks the game is pretty realistic. I guess he's never seen any of Gideon Prime's videos on You Tube. Maybe we're wrong and he's right? Or maybe he just doesn't want to rip a game that's based on the NFL. Can't bite the hand that feeds you.
# 3 roadman @ 01/09/09 05:07 PM
Maybe when he plays against his buddies online, he does feel it's realistic.

I don't play online, so, I wouldn't know.
# 4 Exonerated @ 01/09/09 09:18 PM
A pro nfl player plays the game just to have fun.
# 5 texans @ 01/09/09 09:57 PM
Who cares? Speed ratings don't matter in Madden anyways...

# 6 Exonerated @ 01/10/09 12:30 AM
Speed is the most important rating in Madden....
# 7 raidersbball20 @ 01/13/09 04:10 PM
maybe madden will listen to the players for advice about the game
# 8 Carolina Panthers @ 01/13/09 07:56 PM
hey if it dont mean nothin lets put everyones speed @ zero!
# 9 Exonerated @ 01/14/09 07:09 AM
You gotta know that Hines Ward started playing in the days of Tecmo bowl and stuff.

I'm pretty sure most of the rookies and second year players played a lot of Madden in college so they would be more picky about stuff.

heck matt ryan, always picked the falcons in Madden because of Vick.
# 10 buttsakk @ 01/14/09 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by MJenness
Then you need to WATCH the video in the post above yours if you believe this.
I believe that was a sarcastic post

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