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Do you have any questions for the 3 on 3 NHL Arcade Producers? If so, post them here and we'll get them answered as soon as we can.

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# 1 lnin0 @ 01/14/09 08:22 PM
Can you use your NXE Avatar head on a players body?
# 2 Jebus @ 01/15/09 12:21 AM
Originally Posted by lnin0
Can you use your NXE Avatar head on a players body?
What he said!
# 3 bigball12 @ 01/15/09 08:51 AM
Is there a 3 on 3 team play? I didn't know if you meant no EASHL or no team play at all. Thanks!
# 4 savoie2006 @ 01/15/09 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by aBiNeR

How much time was taken away from the current NHL09 EASHL exploit issues to facilitate this release?
I doubt any, since it's most likely not the same developers.

Are the big heads part of the game or just an option? Also can you choose any three players from the different teams or are you stuck with a certain three?
# 5 jaguar8311 @ 01/15/09 06:18 PM
How much emphasis will be placed on fights? This is supposed to be an arcadey game so I hope that fights will be good.

Sorry if stupid question, but will this be Online Multiplayer?
# 6 Bumble14 @ 01/16/09 10:15 PM
Can you make trades, or shuffle lines?
# 7 canes2008 @ 01/19/09 02:55 PM
How are the controls laid out will you be able to use the d-pad for movement ?,just curious for all the disabled gamers out there I have cerebal palsy which limits the use of my left hand

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