Skate 2 News Post

Gamespot and IGN has posted the following Skate 2 updates:
  • Gamespot: Skate Developer Q&A - Online Multiplayer and Content Sharing

    "I think a big similarity between Freeskate Activities and Freeburn Challenges is their social nature and reliance on player cooperation. To complete all of the activities, every player will need to contribute, which really can come from players at any skill level. A key difference I would say is that in Skate 2, Freeskate Activities are completely optional and not host-managed, so any player in the session can propose an activity and only needs one other person to join in for the activity to start."
  • Gamespot: Skate 2 Takeback Squad Trailer
  • IGN: Skate 2 Blog - Happy New Year!

    "I also wanted to point out a new bundle available at the EA Store, which includes a copy of Skate 2 and a Limited Edition Control Skateboards Deck. Supplies are limited on this one, so be sure to act fast, folks."

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