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This week on the Waiver Wire podcast, Bryan and Chase talk about the additions being made to the Franchise mode in MLB 09: The Show -- and the fact that both of them will be seeing/playing the game in the coming weeks. They also look ahead by talking about the upcoming releases in January and February, which include Skate 2, 3 on 3 NHL Arcade and Front Office Manager. They also talk about getting your name -- yes you -- into NCAA Football 10. Bryan also bemoans the fact that all of EA's games will have "10" in the title. Finally, the duo try to answer the question, what's the best way to show a game before it comes out?

We also want to hear your feedback on this issue. So in the comments section of this story answer the question: What's the proper way to show a game during the pre-release cycle? On next week's show we'll discuss some of your comments, and if this is a success, we'll do it again moving forward.

Also, send all other questions/comments/concerns/complaints/compliments etc. to [email protected] so we can talk about them on future shows.
  • MLB 09: The Show Franchise mode additions
  • Get your name into NCAA Football 10
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