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Videogamer has posted an interview with Executive Producer David Brickley and Asobo co-founder Sebastian Wloch, as they talk about FUEL.

Videogamer: "How would you describe the actual racing itself in FUEL compared to something like Motorstorm 2, which will probably be the most immediate comparison?"

David/Sebastian: "It really depends on the type of race because we have lots of them. For example, we have circuit races, like the one you have seen on the Yellowstone with the quads. In these races usually we have a rather tight track, for example for the quad usually there is a couple of possibilities, a couple of paths you can take, like two or three possibilities in some areas. With ramps, to jump over rivers, these races are very different from the first one you have seen, which is an ATV race where you start on a mountain and you go down to the hub, where the track is more open and you have checkpoints to go through, but only three or four. In between the checkpoints you are free to do exactly what you want and the track is not closed on the sides like the one on Yellowstone where you basically have water on one side and houses on the other side."

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