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Gamespy has posted their preview of MLB 09 The Show.

"While gameplay looks to be fairly similar to last year's version of The Show, Sony meticulously improved the visuals. Lighting garnered the most attention, with shadows more prevalent and more realistic effects everywhere. Whether it's the bill of a player's cap or the sun ducking behind the stadium at dusk, shadows are more noticeable and actually have an effect on the look and feel of the game, changing as the game goes on. Also changing throughout the games will be the condition of the fields themselves, which will show wear and tear throughout the season in franchise mode."

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# 1 Recon @ 01/23/09 07:00 PM
# 2 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/23/09 07:03 PM
Thanks for the post!
# 3 bodhiball @ 01/23/09 07:04 PM
Jackets on pitchers when on base....someone is going to be very excited!
# 4 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/23/09 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by bodhiball
Jackets on pitchers when on base....someone is going to be very excited!
# 5 Shakedowncapo @ 01/23/09 07:07 PM
decent preview
# 6 bodhiball @ 01/23/09 07:10 PM
bit of a bummer that the pitching mini-games didnt make it in for RTTS....that sounded like it could be fun and improve your pitchers career mode
# 7 NAFBUC @ 01/23/09 07:12 PM
thanks for the link Steve.
# 8 Knight165 @ 01/23/09 07:15 PM
Loving the pitchers wearing their jackets.
Nice little touch!

# 9 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/23/09 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by mike75
I found this kind of funny

However, at least one of those celebrations might be removed, thanks in part to the cover athlete. Pedroia took his turn playing the game as the Red Sox (of course) against the Yankees in Fenway. When the pint-sized second baseman took his first turn in the box as himself, virtual Pedroia took CC Sabathia deep over the Green Monster. As his character crossed home plate, he went into a hand-slapping routine with David Ortiz that was entertaining to watch but not quite in character with how the no-nonsense Pedroia goes about his business. After witnessing the choreographed display, Pedroia quickly blurted out, "Hey, I don't do any of that!" So, don't expect the second baseman and Big Papi to play patty-cake when the final version of MLB 09: The Show is released.

Wow, NICE!

Good to hear they listen to the cover athletes, and they probably add even more to the game for the "little things" as well as other advice.
# 10 bcruise @ 01/23/09 07:17 PM
And there's our answer of how batting practice is going to be implemented - as a part of RTTS. Cool - it'll be nice to have some substance to the training instead of just selecting points in a menu.
# 11 ZM Punk @ 01/23/09 07:19 PM
I can't wait for this game.

September call-ups. Good Lord!!!
# 12 Knight165 @ 01/23/09 07:20 PM
Originally Posted by bcruise
And there's our answer of how batting practice is going to be implemented - as a part of RTTS. Cool - it'll be nice to have some substance to the training instead of just selecting points in a menu.
I always thought it should be this way.
There should be some constants...such as speed....that doesn't really drastically change....but you could have something such as baserunning be a skill that can be improved upon.

Sounds like a move in the right direction.

I for one am glad to hear things like "MLB The ShowXX is not much different from XX...but rather improved upon in this and that"
To hear that...with the way the game already is...makes me VERY happy.

# 13 bcruise @ 01/23/09 07:39 PM
Re: the Batting Practice being RTTS-related - I figure I'd better add on an "If the preview info is correct" clause since I see Kolbe around and because I don't want to be responsible for the second misunderstanding/jump to conclusion today.

If you don't mind my asking, is the basic way of improving the RTTS character (the points thing) still there?
# 14 DodgerFanatic2K3 @ 01/23/09 08:07 PM
They should just change the name of this game so people stop thinking that just because it features the year in the title that it has to be drastically changed every year

I vote for....

MLB "The Show"
.... Featuring the most authentic 2009 baseball experience available

What do you think SCEA ??
# 15 kehlis @ 01/23/09 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by MaverickisBack
To copy anything from 2K is ********...would anyone ask the Phillies to copy what the Pirates are doing.
This is a pretty naive statement. The Pirates don't do a whole lot the right way but I am certain that they have some players the Phillies or any other team would love to have...

I happen to agree with you on analog, but to say taking something from them if they do it right is ******** is a very poor statement.
# 16 bigfnjoe96 @ 01/23/09 08:24 PM
Sounds like a basic preview & like most threads, the usual jab @ 2K Sports...
# 17 countryboy @ 01/23/09 09:26 PM
Am I the only one that got excited over them now having 30-40 different faces in the crowd?
# 18 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/23/09 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by backbreaker
I never understood, how anyone after an hour or two, can state as fact nothing changed much from this last year to this years game. With that limited amount of time should be prefaced by a disclaimer. I like what I'm hearing and I do feel as a "The show" vet, it is going to suffer from "sameness" that may take some luster of the title, it happens to all sports games because these games don't change much from year to year.

SCEA San Diego, please make an attempt at analog throwing like 2k, it should be a traded off, they implemented your base running technique, the least they could do is give in return. Don't go after that pitching thing, I like my games easily accessible.

Day and Night cycles, weather, franchise options (40-man, arbitration, rule 5, September call-ups), better lighting, more details, more "little things", 700 new animations, 400 new presentation screens, pitchers with jackets on, etc etc etc

Somehow don't feel, "sameness".

And I will pass to high hell on analog pitching. Pure and simple gimmick.
# 19 CVC0004 @ 01/23/09 09:52 PM
That's great that the pitchers have jackets but what about this statement: "but clipping is still an issue when the ball is in play." Hopefully this can be improved upon before the final edition is released.
# 20 hitstreak13 @ 01/23/09 10:09 PM
MLB 09 the show = Best baseball game ever

Been playing mvp 05 for years, but its now time to move foward (did play 08 alot though). This is All star baseball mixed with the show which im sure gamers have been dreaming for years. The only thing i am anxious to find out is if they have single a teams and/or rookie ball clubs. Either way, it going to be the best game ever

Thanks Sony!

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