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Console Monster has posted an interview with Diego Sartori, Executive Producer of Race Pro.

Console Monster: "What type of gamer are you aiming RACE Pro at?"

Diego Sartori: "DS: RACE Pro is aimed at anyone with a love for racing and racing cars.

RACE Pro targets both players new to racing and seasoned race game players, the game can be configured to be as much of a “sim” as the player wants it to be.

SimBin’s philosophy of “easy to learn – hard to master” has been a thread throughout the development process and focus has been on making sure the game would not “scare” away players new to racing. RACE Pro is meant to be a game they can grow with and a game that will challenge the players on their terms.

For the seasoned racing game players, the leader boards, online and AI races will show that there are lots of tenths, or maybe even seconds, still to find and it is during the hunt for these elusive tenths that the physics of RACE Pro really begins to flex its muscles.

The game will remain intuitive but get increasingly harder as the player takes the cars further and closer to their actual limits."

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# 1 lnin0 @ 02/03/09 07:06 PM
Looking forward to this one. Interview gave a few more details about online setup as well.

12 players and AI can be added to fill seats. Lobby will supports practicing and host dictates when to change to the race. Host selects ranked or unranked and configuration - same options as offline race. Up to 75 laps and as little as 2.

I also thought this was a brilliant answer:

Would you claim that RACE Pro is the most realistic racing game on Xbox 360?

No, I would not call RACE Pro the most realistic racing game for the Xbox 360 - what defines realism depends on personal preference and it would be wrong of me to dictate what people’s preferences should be.

RACE Pro is SimBin’s portrayal of real racing based on a selection of real life data. How we have chosen to treat the real life data is ultimately what defines the experience the player will have with the game and I certainly think RACE Pro features what matters the most and that is accuracy, attention to detail and immersion.

We believe that our approach creates a realistic portrayal of being behind the wheel of a race car, but as with beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I think the same can be said about realism. Therefore, I will let the players be the judge of the level of realism in RACE Pro.

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