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Playstation.Blog has posted another MLB 09 The Show blog. This one covers the little things that help the game shine.

"Hey everyone, Greg Batalucco (Game Designer) and Clayton Read (Associate Producer) here to bring you the next installment of the MLB 09 The Show blogs. This entry will focus on all the little details added this year to The Show that give it an added touch of realism. For this year’s version we wanted to make the game as accurate as possible and included in MLB 09 The Show are actual team mascots, new and improved stadium jumbotrons with game related movies, K boards, realistic crowds, and improved lighting and skies throughout the stadiums. All these enhancements add to the overall gaming experience to make MLB 09 The Show as real as it gets."

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 02/10/09 09:41 PM
Hanging of K signs are not new
# 2 Skyboxer @ 02/10/09 09:41 PM
Just simply....Wow!

For the love of everything holy get this month done!!!!
# 3 TwinsTerritory @ 02/10/09 09:41 PM
Best blog video so far. I loved when the dude picked up the beach ball. I can't wait to see TC now!
# 4 Marino @ 02/10/09 09:42 PM
# 5 theaub @ 02/10/09 09:43 PM

I know I probably talk about this too much, but with the new LCD stuff, I am really hoping that they nailed some of the Rogers Centre stuff that was sort of impossible to get before (e.g. a scoreboard around the ring on the 300 level). But like, that was awesome.
# 6 J-Unit40 @ 02/10/09 09:44 PM
Seriously, this may be the best video game ever. I don't really give a rat's you know what about baseball and I am pretty psyched about this game.

The detail is absolutely amazing! Second to none.

The true baseball fans must be losing their minds right now. Another 3 weeks until release date must be brutal. I know if this was NCAA Football, I would be losing my mind. Either way, this game just screams realism.

Oh, I could not help laughing at the mascots in the game. Nice touch that adds another layer to the depth of this game. I'm surprised I just typed that about mascots.
# 7 theaub @ 02/10/09 09:46 PM
Hah that video was so awesome I forgot to read the blog.

For example, a Red Sox/Yankees game should always be packed, and depending on where it is, Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium, there should be a mix of both fans.

Does this mean that, for example (sorry about the Blue Jay stuff), when the Yanks/Sox come into town, there will be a nice sizable contingent of them? Because that would kick ultimate ***.
# 8 thaSLAB @ 02/10/09 09:46 PM
Russell, you guys are SICK!!!!1111 LOL

Secondly, in dealing with crowds leaving early from a game, we have gone through each team, their attendance levels, scores of games, who they are playing at the time and figured out when they would get up and say enough is enough, my team is getting blown out! As you can imagine, there are the die-hards out there and we track it, so no matter what, these fans always stay and support their team. And finally, we have added fans walking up, down and in and out of the aisles throughout each MLB stadium. Fans will also be seen milling around the concession areas and actual vendors are walking around the stadiums. So grab a hot dog and soda, because the little things matter to our team and hopefully you’ll notice these little details as well.
# 9 Lordcledus @ 02/10/09 09:48 PM
The news on this game just keeps getting better and better.
# 10 Skyboxer @ 02/10/09 09:48 PM
Unbelievable.......Awesome Awesome job.
# 11 dmbfan1970 @ 02/10/09 09:48 PM
I just CREAMED my pants

Thanks SCEA
# 12 theaub @ 02/10/09 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by dmbfan1970
I just CREAMED my pants

Thanks SCEA
Is it bad that when I finished reading I blog I said (rather loudly) JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS.

I hope not.
# 13 spitoon @ 02/10/09 09:51 PM
WOW. I'm not really big on the 'fluff' in games (the game has to work), but they appear to have taken this to another level in 09.

It's not getting any easier to wait to March.

A+ so far SCEA!
# 14 Marino @ 02/10/09 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by theaub
Is it bad that when I finished reading I blog I said (rather loudly) JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS.

I hope not.
I'll allow it.
# 15 J-Unit40 @ 02/10/09 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by theaub
Is it bad that when I finished reading I blog I said (rather loudly) JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS.

I hope not.
LOL. And I....JIZZED. In my pants. Never gets old.
# 16 Artman22 @ 02/10/09 09:56 PM
I noticed they fixed A-rod's batting stance which is great
# 17 Hman @ 02/10/09 09:59 PM
I wasnt planning to buy this game at first because i didn't think it was gonna be better than 08 but now after reading this, im gonna buy it no matter what happens.
# 18 Steve_OS @ 02/10/09 10:00 PM
Love the "Little Things"...
# 19 vinny_b @ 02/10/09 10:00 PM

the detail in this game, is astounding.

(and i'm not even done watching the movie)

thank you & props to everyone at SCEA.
# 20 Checmate101 @ 02/10/09 10:02 PM
Man, I wish I had a ps3...This game alone makes you want to get one.

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