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Pasta Padre has posted the MLB 09: The Show team rankings.

"Here are the rankings for each team in MLB 09 The Show. Listed are the overall, batting, pitching, and defense categories. These arenít ratings exactly but they do display how the teams are situated in each area along with the overall strength to expect out of them. Keep in mind that these may change with the release day roster update."

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# 1 MurphDogg @ 02/12/09 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by Phoenixmgs
Cool, Cubbies are #3
That's how you know it is the preseason rankings, not the postseason rankings.
# 2 slickkill77 @ 02/12/09 11:36 PM
Is this a joke? The mets, mariners, dodgers, and tigers are ahead of the rays on defense???? The tigers? WOW


1: Boston Red Sox
2: Toronto Blue Jays
3: Philadelphia Phillies
4: New York Mets
5: Seattle Mariners
6: Detroit Tigers
7: Los Angeles Dodgers
8: Tampa Bay Rays
# 3 BatsareBugs @ 02/12/09 11:39 PM
22 in offense, something's not right for the Padres...

Oh, maybe Adrian is bringing skewing that rank for them.
# 4 HustlinOwl @ 02/12/09 11:40 PM
Reds defense should be much improved with Taveras and a healthy Alex Gonzalez
# 5 slickkill77 @ 02/12/09 11:41 PM
How are the O's and Astros below the Padres in batting?
# 6 MurphDogg @ 02/12/09 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by slickkill77
How are the O's and Astros below the Padres in batting?
The O's are definitely getting the short end of the stick in these rankings. They may not have much pitching but their offense is pretty good, especially once Wieters joins the team. They are above average offensively at third, second, rightfield, around average at first with Huff, center with Adam Jones and DH with Luke Scott and below average in left field with Pie and shortstop with Izturis (though he is certainly a step up from last season).
# 7 theaub @ 02/12/09 11:54 PM
Jays seem about right
# 8 BatsareBugs @ 02/12/09 11:57 PM
Originally Posted by slickkill77
How are the O's and Astros below the Padres in batting?
Maybe they have players who's ratings skew it for their team?

I don't know, I mean:

SS Eckstein - Average
RF Giles - Above Average overall offense, weak in power, good hitting, great plate vision.
1B Gonzalez - One of the top offensive 1B.
3B Kouzmanoff - Average overall offensively.
CF Gerut - Above average based on last season.
LF Headley - Struggled a bit as rookie, probably where Kouz's ratings were last year.
C Hundley - Average at best, maybe below average.
2B ???????? - I have no freakin' clue... Below average.
# 9 JermaineDye05 @ 02/13/09 02:22 AM
The Tigers AND Royals better than the White Sox??

We'll see how that pans out when the season starts. I understand though. Considering a lot of the Sox starting this year have had little to no experience, everyone is underrating the pitching extremely IMO.
# 10 ChubbyBanana @ 02/13/09 03:07 AM
A Little love for the Reds.

Surprising, but I'll take it.

# 11 OriolesFanRD @ 02/13/09 03:26 AM
Talk about my Orioles getting the short end of the stick!

I don't even know what to say.

Batting we're 30th? Really? lol, what did I miss.

I'm sure that'll change once M.K and friends do the rosters.
# 12 vinny_b @ 02/13/09 03:54 AM
NYY have the best pitching in baseball. Not the RedSox.

NYY = best team money can buy (unfortnately)
# 13 Pirate @ 02/13/09 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by ChubbyBanana
A Little love for the Reds.

Surprising, but I'll take it.

The Reds 10th.... That is funny. These rankings obviously mean nothing. I love me some Reds, but that is comical.
# 14 SoxFan01605 @ 02/13/09 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by vinny_b
NYY have the best pitching in baseball. Not the RedSox.

NYY = best team money can buy (unfortnately)
Not true. I believe that the pitching rating goes beyond rotation and includes bullpen. The Yankees have a lot of questions in their 'pen and the Sox have one of the deepest bullpens in baseball.

The rotations are actually closer than some people think as well (though 1-5 I agree the Yankees likely have the edge if all are healthy and play to peak).

So, OVERALL pitching-Advantage Red Sox...at least on paper.
# 15 sa012 @ 02/13/09 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by vinny_b
NYY have the best pitching in baseball. Not the RedSox.

NYY = best team money can buy (unfortnately)
Yankees might have the edge in starting pitching 1-5, eventhough 1-3 is pretty much even, but the Sox bullpen blows the Yankees away!!!
# 16 dmbfan1970 @ 02/13/09 07:41 AM
Can't believe the Royals are ahead of the Marlins, White Sox and Cardinals overall... Wierd.
Some of these rankings don't make sense to me.
# 17 rudyjuly2 @ 02/13/09 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by gotigers15
While I do believe the Rays should be ahead of the Tigers defensively, I believe I can explain the rationale behind the ranking.

In essence, the Tigers added two Gold-Glove caliber players to the left side of their infield in Brandon Inge and Adam Everett. (A massive, gigantic, colossal improvement over Carlos Guillen and Edgar Renteria)

Curtis Granderson and Placido Polanco are also among the league's best at fielding their respective positions, and while Magglio Ordonez and Guillen may not be gazelles gliding through the Comerica outfield, they are adequate.

Finally, Miguel Cabrera has evolved into a reliable and sure-handed first baseman, and Gerald Laird is no slouch behind the plate.

Hope that helps.
Exactly. The Tigers defense should be much better this year. Of course, the left side of the infield is the worst offense in the league.

On one report that also tracks range, Marcus Thames in LF, Guillen at 3B and Renterria at SS were among the worst defensive players in the league. Inge >> Guillen at 3B, Guillen > Thames in LF and Everett/Santiago >> Renterria in terms of defense. Those three changes will be good for the team. Their infield should be really solid and Granderson is great in CF. Mags lacks range but once was a good OF.
# 18 N51_rob @ 02/13/09 09:16 AM
Wow so acording to SCEA and their ranking the Orioles are on the verge of being the worst team team in the game. That should make playing with them this year fun.

One question though: The Orioles scored the 11th most runs in the majors last season and they have the 30th ranked offense?
# 19 cardinals fan 020207 @ 02/13/09 11:24 AM
This is bull sh** that my cards are raked 12th in batting when we had the second best batting average in the national league and I think that we even bet out the cubs in that one but that is alright when the cards win the division we will send the cubbies back paking to 101 years without a worldseries..GO CARDS
# 20 Tovarich @ 02/13/09 11:29 AM
What's everyone getting so worked up about pre-season rankings for? If my pre-season top 4 last year was this, what level of crazy would I have been called?
1. Phillies
2. Rays
3. Red Sox
4. Dodgers

Free agents are still a plenty, the rankings will change, relax folks. 10th seems a bit high for the Reds, and I'm a Reds fan, but the difference between 10th and 20th is 5 games, 10 max? Relax people. We don't know who is going to be good yet.

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