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OK, so it's Friday on the east coast. So that means it's time to show a video clip from Major League Baseball 2K9. This one is simply an intro to the Cardinals @ Cubs. Gameplay video is encoding.

Let's see how the server holds up. When you respond, please talk about the video and the video only. Let's keep the chatter about which game is better for another day, shall we? Also, if you don't mind, let me know what you think about the quality of the video. Enjoy.

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Major League Baseball 2K9 Videos
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# 1 Peter_OS @ 02/12/09 11:32 PM
# 2 spankdatazz22 @ 02/12/09 11:35 PM
The quality is great; thx for the vid. Really looking forward to the real time atmosphere; brief look looks really good. Liking the new commentary team
# 3 bobbysco13 @ 02/12/09 11:36 PM
Thanks Steve.....Gary Thorne sounds great on the intro call......Stoked to see gameplay footage
# 4 Peter_OS @ 02/12/09 11:36 PM
Quality is great Steve. Thanks bro. Waiting for the gameplay video to finish encoding. It's late here, but I will wait. lol.
# 5 Shakedowncapo @ 02/12/09 11:40 PM
# 6 Knight165 @ 02/12/09 11:43 PM
Lookin' good.
Thorne sounds great!

# 7 Shakedowncapo @ 02/12/09 11:46 PM
Wow, Thorne sounds really good...flows perfectly so far.
# 8 Knight165 @ 02/12/09 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by Shakedowncapo
Wow, Thorne sounds really good...flows perfectly so far.

Who do I speak to in this forum if I want to propose a trade?
Rex and Soup for Thornie? I'll throw in a couple of bucks too!

# 9 MattNYY @ 02/12/09 11:54 PM
weel im probably going to watch that video at least 100 times tonight.lol
# 10 dynastynation @ 02/12/09 11:55 PM
quality is great, show us some more!
# 11 ericjwm @ 02/12/09 11:55 PM
Thanks alot Steve, for getting some video up so quickly! Those screens were driving me nuts... gotta see it in action!
Looks & sounds good so far.
# 12 NumberOneRB @ 02/12/09 11:56 PM
Looking at the graphics there, they look REAL good. The animations look very smooth too, and we get a nice glimpse of all the real-time atmosphere. VERY excited for the videos!
# 13 rock85 @ 02/13/09 12:00 AM
Quality is . I cant wait to see gameplay.Thanks Steve
# 14 rock85 @ 02/13/09 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by Knight165

Who do I speak to in this forum if I want to propose a trade?
Rex and Soup for Thornie? I'll throw in a couple of bucks too!

Knight Soup is not bad, but in Rex's own words he's got to go
# 15 porkchop @ 02/13/09 12:07 AM
Thanks, Steve! So far so good... dying in anticipation for the gameplay vid!
# 16 PVarck31 @ 02/13/09 12:09 AM
OMG Steve, you are killing me. Ends right before the pitch. You know how to build anticipation, thats for sure lol. Quality wise, it looks great. Looks like you have some nice capture equipment. So is the first gameplay vid coming soon? Like within the next hour or two?
# 17 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/13/09 12:10 AM
Much improved compared to the last few years. Only part that gets me...

"Fierce Rivalry Battle, The Cards vs. The Cubs, on 2K Sports" ... or something to that effect, just doesnt scream "Baseball" ... I expect that more out of Football, Basketball or Hockey. I dunno.

Just never heard it before like that in pre-baseball games.

Can't wait to see the gameplay!!!
# 18 King Gro23 @ 02/13/09 12:11 AM
Damnit, why cant I just see the first pitch, I am mind boggled at what I just seen. It is amazing, maybe a little too loud of glove SFX between the fielders but, This may shut up the doubters though.
# 19 Shakedowncapo @ 02/13/09 12:12 AM
but the cubs and cards are a fierce rivalry...
# 20 Steve_OS @ 02/13/09 12:12 AM
Will have top of the 1st on one clip, which is a monster, so it's going to take a while. Then another after that w/ the bottom of the 1st, which isn't as big. East coasters might wanna hit the sack. Which is what I need to do, actually.

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