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"Hey Madden fans, weíre back again with another (quick) update for Madden NFL 10. After talking about technology and philosophy for the past few weeks, we thought it was a good idea to actually show you a new feature this week. Now being that itís so early in the year, we obviously canít show big grandiose new features, so we wanted to show something that is in the game that came directly from community feedback and wishlists. Itís been a long time coming for this one...Iím stoked that we were finally able to get this in."

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# 1 Von Dozier @ 02/16/09 11:23 AM
Nice addition for stats.
# 2 thudias @ 02/16/09 11:27 AM
Looks like half sacks are in as well.
# 3 cowboy_kmoney @ 02/16/09 11:29 AM
Now thats going to help with stats in this game,Man Ian I see you guys are really taking to the game this year like you guys said you would.All a person have is there word and Im with you all the way..
# 4 SteelerSpartan @ 02/16/09 11:32 AM
Hope we got some awesome new animations to go with those numbers
# 5 larma @ 02/16/09 11:33 AM
Always nice to see more stats.
# 6 RGiles36 @ 02/16/09 11:38 AM
I'm going to MAN up and say that I did not expect assisted tackles and sacks this year. That's not to say it's some breakthrough feature, but I didn't expect it. I'm suprised in a very good way! These guys (EA staff) mean business.
# 7 countryboy @ 02/16/09 11:41 AM
# 8 Xipie @ 02/16/09 11:51 AM
# 9 ngoulding @ 02/16/09 11:58 AM
Originally Posted by chia51
Nice, but shouldn't be touted as a feature though
Maybe not but its still better in than out. We've gone enough years with basics missing to take anything for granted.
# 10 AlexBrady @ 02/16/09 12:04 PM
Nice, these fellas are off to a strong start.
# 11 IanCummingsFriend @ 02/16/09 12:25 PM
Very nice. Are the stats after a game?
# 12 roadman @ 02/16/09 12:26 PM
Very nice, Madden team.
# 13 DJDReW3102 @ 02/16/09 12:53 PM
really glad to see this finally implemented. I'm ACTUALLY excited about this dev team and how they are using the community to usher in many needed improvements to the madden franchise. love it.
# 14 Inspiration @ 02/16/09 12:57 PM
Very neat. This was something that I've wanted for a while.
# 15 geraldparr @ 02/16/09 01:02 PM
Nice. Ea finally getting around to the little things.
# 16 PVarck31 @ 02/16/09 01:06 PM
Great job Ian and co.
# 17 kmart2180 @ 02/16/09 01:07 PM
OMG!!!! To me this in itself is a HUGE feature/upgrade. I have been asking for this high on my priority list for years now. I am so excited that they finally got this in.

Great Job guys! This Madden is gonna be special I can just feel it. IAN & Co. mean buisness this year.
# 18 Glorious Arc @ 02/16/09 01:16 PM
well done its a long time coming
# 19 Kodii Rockets @ 02/16/09 01:16 PM
Absolutely Awesome! Long time coming too. It's bittersweet though, no more stealing tackles from my CPU D-line, but... No more getting jacked for my tackles by my CPU Safeties, lolGreat job Ian and co.
# 20 Hunkerdown @ 02/16/09 01:23 PM
Did you also get in Sacks or partial sacks by the community on you and your staff?

Just Curious?

Ian and Crew are going to make it happen this year, I am still enjoying Madden 09 with some great sliders, so will have a football fix year round this year!!

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