UFC 2009 Undisputed News Post

IGN has posted three new videos of UFC 2009 Undisputed.

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UFC 2009 Undisputed Videos
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# 1 allBthere @ 02/20/09 09:33 PM
I know what you mean....
These guys have really ramped the updates up big time. There were more updates such as video or information this week than days in the week. If they keep up at this pace they'll have to release the game earlier than I expected. they've confirmed over 20 fighters, we've seen heaps of gameplay vids, and lots of controls info and now ask the dev q&a ...I mean, what else is there? they'll keep announcing new fighters, but really they don't want to stretch that out for too long.

There is that undisputed ppv event. I just can't wait is what the reality is and i'm rambling trying to convince myself it will come out earlier.
# 2 Bad_Intentions @ 02/23/09 10:51 AM
Agreed, the Irish Hand Grenade looks off, but the other 2 are dead on.

Can't wait for this game to drop, I know they say Spring but i'm thinking sometime in May. At the very best before the Apr 18 UFC 97 PPV. More realistically sometime in late or maybe even mid May.

I find myself checking for info everyday pretty much. On the official site they are supposed to do answer questions every Friday.

One thing that irked me a little in the initial Q & A was about escaping submissions. They say you can either do a technical escape or a brute force escape which is cool. But if you successfully do a technical escape your fighter ends up in a "dominant position" successfull brute escapes leaves both fighters in neutral position, guessing just both standing up.

It's cool in a way, but in a way it's not. Just b/c you don't sink in an arm bar or kimura why should you lose your position? I could understand, if it was a 50/50 type thing, but not every single time. I'm also sure they wanted to have some risk/reward in going for a sub. which I can understand and I do agree with, but I still don't think you should lose position every single time you fail to secure a submission. Just being nitpickey but I still can't wait for this to drop.

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