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Joystiq, Eurogamer and CVG has posted the following Fuel updates:
  • Joystiq: Fuel Hands-on

    "The races were ... mediocre, for two reasons. One, the vehicles lacked any sense of weight, tended to slide far too much and -- despite what the rep said -- didn't seem to control any differently whether on grass, dirt, pavement or any number of surfaces."
  • Eurogamer: Fuel Hands-on

    "It's an openworld racer, so parallels will inevitably be drawn with Burnout Paradise, which built on the groundwork of Test Drive Unlimited to free racers from the confines of menu-driven career modes."
  • CVG: Fuel Screenshots

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# 1 lnin0 @ 02/22/09 01:15 PM
My hope is this game captures something close to the feel of Powerslide - an all time Mad Max-esque racer classic.

My problem is Codemaster really doesn't do car 'feel' well. Even back when they were doing the wannabe sim thing the cars never felt right...at least then they had some bits of realistic physics behind them. Anymore they don't even feel arcade good.
# 2 jms493 @ 02/23/09 09:34 AM
this game is Motorstorm with wide open gameplay.

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