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Check out the new Madden NFL 10 blog, which talks about improvements to the QB position.

"I'm back again folks, bringing you some more additions and improvements that you can expect to see in Madden NFL 10. This week, I'm going to focus primarily on the QB position and show some of the improvements we've made for this year. First off, I'm going to talk about a new animation technology that we can call "layered blending".

Layered Blending
"Layered blending? I thought you were going to talk about quarterbacks?" You'll see shortly how this works for QB's. First, a quick lesson on what blending is. Anytime a player transitions from one animation to another, he will use a 'blend' of his previous animation into the next animation. When you don't have a nice smooth blend, you'll get poppy / hitching animations. If you make blends that are too long, you can easily not have the correct amount of control over your player (he can feel very 'sluggish' or unresponsive). The most common types of blends are linear, ease in, and ease out. Those just refer to how many frames of either the previous or current animation you use while blending. For Madden NFL 10 though, we've added something new - the ability to actually separate the blends out between different parts of the body. We call this layered blending because it allows us to create different layered animation by blending one part of the body out quicker or slower based on the needs of the game. So how does it relate to QB's? Well, how often has this happened to you?"

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Member Comments
# 1 tyler289 @ 02/23/09 05:58 PM
New QB ratings is something everyone has wanted for years. This sounds great.

As for the questions at the bottom, I can't really say, but I know Big Ben should have one of the highest ratings for throwing on the run.
# 2 06woz @ 02/23/09 06:04 PM
Sweet! Sounds great to get rid of the "suction sack" and the risk reward behind that sounds awesome, also the qb ratings should make the passing game WAY more realistic.
# 3 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 02/23/09 06:05 PM
I love love LOVE the new animation of the QB getting hit and throwing, wow. You guys are unstoppable right now
# 4 Chargersa7x @ 02/23/09 06:06 PM
Funny.... This is the best news I've read about madden in a long time, and its not a new "big feature." Its just a great improvement to gameplay.

Keep up the great news and good work!
# 5 monkeybutlerz @ 02/23/09 06:08 PM
I'm not sure if I completely understood, but is the Layered Blending (and the return to lower throwing speeds) also a fix on the robo-QB problem of 09 or is it mainly the elimination of the suction sack? I know robo-QB is an AI problem (I'm assuming), so I'm wondering if the lowered throwing speeds will affect this.
# 6 adembroski @ 02/23/09 06:09 PM
Out-friggin'-standing blog, Ian, thank you!
# 7 br329 @ 02/23/09 06:11 PM
This looks awesome! Great work guys!
# 8 cardinalbird5 @ 02/23/09 06:12 PM
This sounds good.
# 9 K_GUN @ 02/23/09 06:13 PM
love the layered blending...can it be added to RB's?....i'm a RB trying to stiff arm the defender just as he's beginning the tackle animation

FANTASTIC news about the new QB ratings

Donny--will a 3 year weighted avg be implemented for qb ratings?

(FYI...matt cassel absolutely struggled with the deep ball accuracy this past year)
# 10 kmart2180 @ 02/23/09 06:14 PM
Good read. This is really starting to sound great. I love the new ratings for qb's. It should really show the difference from the great one's to the average one's.


Shaun Hill - Terrible deep ball accuracy & power - good short/medium passing acc. Average on the run acc.

Alex SMith - Deep Ball power & acc above average- short/medium acc. below average.
# 11 SteelerSpartan @ 02/23/09 06:15 PM
If theres a new rating for "throwing in the grasp" then Roethlisberger should defiantly be the best at it

Exhibit A: 1st play of the vid

# 12 tonynyy @ 02/23/09 06:16 PM
Dude, I dig! :P
# 13 06woz @ 02/23/09 06:19 PM
I think the layered blending should be implemented with all ball carriers. As mentioned, a ball carrier trying to stiff arm and I'm sure I could think of other examples. (I never saw it before so if anybody else has not seen the blog on player ratings please go see it, I think it is the most revolutionary feature announced thus far)
# 14 johnprestonevans @ 02/23/09 06:22 PM
Looks great. I really liked the part about incompletions returning to Madden and a QB's throw being more realistically influenced by contact with a defender. This technology looks very promising!
# 15 PVarck31 @ 02/23/09 06:24 PM
This is awesome Ian. You guys are freakin on a roll!!
# 16 Hotlanta @ 02/23/09 06:25 PM
With Donny's new philosophy on ratings, the addition of these ratings immediately made the game play VERY differently than in years past. Chucking up the deep ball with a QB with high throw power but bad accuracy is definitely a recipe for disaster! We have recently been doing tuning to scale down these effects on the lower skill levels because QB's are way more inaccurate than you're used to seeing, and we felt this would be a little too hard to play for a casual player. Rest assured though, on All Pro and All Madden, we will have a much more realistic representation of accuracy for the QB's. I know I've read many times that in the past it seems that the only incomplete passes in Madden are either swatted, dropped, or intercepted...that is definitely no longer the case.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Reading the whole blog made my day. I'm very interested in how the new ratings will effect the passing game. (Especially Throw on the Run & Play Action )

That wasn't a new tackle animation in the Layer Blending video right? I can't remember if that's one I've seen or not now.
# 17 CM Hooe @ 02/23/09 06:25 PM
This blog alone has me just about sold on Madden 2010. QB play looks to have taken a drastic turn for the better this year. You'll really be able to pick out a passer for whatever offensive system you wish to run now.

A question though; as far as the game is concerned, what constitutes short, medium, and deep passes (in terms of how many yards the receiver is down the field)?

That said, I'm still looking forward to reading about other significant improvements like this one in the coming weeks.
# 18 Fenrir @ 02/23/09 06:26 PM
Sounds great, but I have a question though?

Is deep accuracy arm strength dependent?

Meaning is it how accurate a QB is throwing as deep as he can, or is it how accurate he is in a certain range, like 30+ yards from the line of scrimmage?
# 19 poster @ 02/23/09 06:26 PM
Good stuff. Finally new ratings for the different levels of the field (short, medium, deep). Also like hearing that there will be more incompletions as well. Thanks for sharing Ian.
# 20 Donny_Moore @ 02/23/09 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by tyler289
New QB ratings is something everyone has wanted for years. This sounds great.

As for the questions at the bottom, I can't really say, but I know Big Ben should have one of the highest ratings for throwing on the run.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner folks!

Well done tyler289, Big Ben in fact has the highest throw on the run rating for Madden 10.

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