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Retail copies of Major League Baseball 2K9 have hit OS HQ, and plastered on the back cover of the MLB 2K9 instruction manual is a picture of The Bigs 2.

According to the manual, The Bigs 2 will be released this summer, but there is no mention of what platforms the game will be coming to.

There is also a Bigs 2 trailer that can be found in the MLB 2K9 main menu. In it is the expected over-the-top baseball action, along with a few choice clips of some MLB legends. During the trailer, you can catch a glimpse of Pittsburgh Pirate great Roberto Clemente and New York Yankees stud Reggie Jackson. The trailer ends with Jackson smashing a ball into the stadium lights la Roy Hobbs in "The Natural."

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# 1 WazzuRC @ 02/25/09 05:25 PM

I was really impressed with the fun factor of the first one so this will definitely get some playing time from me. It was a bit too easy though.
# 2 bronco4434 @ 02/25/09 07:15 PM
If it has a season mode this game could be well worth it!!! That was the only thing missing from the original!!
# 3 Radja @ 02/25/09 08:35 PM
i just bought it the other week and it is a fun game. plays some decent AI baseball too. depending on how much i am playing video baseball then, i may buy it. price point will be important. 59.99 maybe, but at 39.99 and 29.99 for sure.
# 4 raidersbball20 @ 02/25/09 10:17 PM
The first one was fun, but if the next one will depend on the price, which will probably drop to 20 bucks in a couple months after release
# 5 LBzrule @ 02/26/09 09:43 AM
One sports game I played a great deal and even though I sold the Xbox for the time being, I kept this game because I know I'll play it once I get a box again. But I'll be sure to grab 2 as well.
# 6 mgoblue @ 02/26/09 11:14 AM
The first one was pretty fun, but I really hope they make the single player modes more engaging long term...it got pretty stale for me fast, and while the gameplay's fun I need more to play for than just exhibitions, you know?
# 7 CarryTheWeight @ 02/27/09 05:05 PM
Great news. I really enjoyed the first game, hopefully the second will build on what the first game accomplished.
# 8 rjsuperfly66 @ 03/12/09 02:52 PM
Games like the Bigs, Prizefighter, and All-Pro football are the reason 2k fans cant have College Hoops 2k9. Grrr 2k
# 9 eDotd @ 03/15/09 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by rjsuperfly66
Games like the Bigs, Prizefighter, and All-Pro football are the reason 2k fans cant have College Hoops 2k9. Grrr 2k
Wth are you talking about?
# 10 gslim @ 04/02/09 03:38 AM
the thing you are expressing ok, i also excemine the on fully to know all details. any way its a nice post. all the best

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