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IGN has posted a video from MLB 09 The Show, which features the Cardinals @ Cubs.

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MLB '09: The Show Videos
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# 1 JoeRyan33 @ 02/25/09 06:02 PM
Thanks. You win post of the day!

Clouds are moving? Load load....come on..
# 2 Rob_NYY @ 02/25/09 06:03 PM
# 3 BDKiiing @ 02/25/09 06:04 PM
who is that pitching for the cards?
# 4 JoeRyan33 @ 02/25/09 06:05 PM
Clouds are moving...and look at the reflection on the helmet....
# 5 JoeRyan33 @ 02/25/09 06:06 PM
Pujols swing is much improved.
# 6 Rob_NYY @ 02/25/09 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by mike75
Even the clouds are moving in the sky
I didn't even notice that! That is a great touch. I wonder if it can go from sunny to overcast during a game? That would be awesome. If not, that's something great to add in the future.
# 7 42 @ 02/25/09 06:09 PM
Originally Posted by bdolski
who is that pitching for the cards?

It's Adam Wainwright
# 8 BDKiiing @ 02/25/09 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by Member_6590
It's Adam Wainwright
wow...im obviously blind...
# 9 Rob_NYY @ 02/25/09 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by bdolski
who is that pitching for the cards?
I was going to ask that. I can't see the jersey number. Crappy monitor. Whoever it is, I like the pitching motion. It looks so fluid, such a step up from older pitching motions in the series. Also no hopping around and jumping into fielding position, which bugged me to no end in prior games. Whoever it is, that pitching motions is an early favorite for me to use for Ian Kennedy.

I love how the motions and stances are shaping up. Bummer that Soriano wasn't updated, but they couldn't possibly get every player in one year!
# 10 Shakedowncapo @ 02/25/09 06:13 PM
Yea...Thats looking BOSS. Come on Tuesday!
# 11 bluengold34_OS @ 02/25/09 06:15 PM
Man, that shot of Sori in the shadows walking to home plate fromt he dugout has to be one of the most beautiful "in game" shots I have ever seen in a game. The detail was just amazing, it made me feel like I was sitting at Wrigley again.
# 12 sbmnky @ 02/25/09 06:18 PM
Shadows were static throughout the entire 1st inning. Not a complaint, just an observation based on a thread posted a while back. Game play looks awesome though - very much looking forward to picking this up.
# 13 Azamien @ 02/25/09 06:20 PM
I think I'm going to take a nap now...

Until Tuesday morning.
# 14 major major @ 02/25/09 06:22 PM
Man..... it looks to me as though the pitcher is closer to the plate or something.

Love it!
# 15 Shakedowncapo @ 02/25/09 06:23 PM
Like Rob said, it brings a tear to the eye to see updated stances and pitching motions. Just makes each game/series feel fresher! It's a wrap this year...Its funny how some people thought the "other" game was already better...hahahaha.

But I'll leave it at that.
# 16 elTodd @ 02/25/09 06:27 PM
Those stances were absolutely amazing. Wainwright's motion was spot on. Man, I love this game.
# 17 TeixeiraFanatic @ 02/25/09 06:30 PM
Wow I am so glad i bought a PS3. Thank you SCEA
# 18 thaSLAB @ 02/25/09 06:37 PM
Beautiful. Just beautiful...
# 19 brunnoce @ 02/25/09 06:40 PM
i am speachless....

wheres my copy!!!!

ok, coming back to sense now, i think blzer was right, day game will be set at 4pm, unlike 08 that they looked more 1pm starts.
not a biggie , but it would be nice to have both since we dont have day progression.

other than that observation i cant state enough how pumped i am for this game...its baseball heaven!
# 20 wrigleyville33 @ 02/25/09 06:42 PM
HOLY SH*T. Look at the riot. Awesome stuff. Wrigley doesn't look nearly as bad as what I said previously. My gosh that looks incredible!

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