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We have just posted another MLB 09 The Show PS2 video. This one features the Rays @ Red Sox.

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# 1 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/26/09 08:50 PM
Cool, thanks for the video.
# 2 Chai2112 @ 02/26/09 10:26 PM
Looks cool for PS2 standards, but all I can say is THANK GOD I bought a PS3 last year just for 08 The Show.

What's up with Big Papi's batting stance? It's even worse than last year's and almost looks like the stance they had in 06 The Show.... I hope the stance in the PS3 is better, if that's possible.

Cool to see they added in Pedroia's beard.
# 3 Speedy @ 02/27/09 09:02 AM
I just don't see anything different last year to this year other than the stances; Papi looks like the old Mo Vaughn but more upright...Regardless, at least for the PS2 it's still amazing
# 4 Chai2112 @ 02/27/09 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by bsb13
Yeah it is the stance from 06, and I think they actually got his about right in 07...why they went back to the 06 version for 08 and 09 I will never know.
It actually wasn't terrible in 08, just too much bat movement. He also changed his stance a little in real life because of his knee. Sometimes more spread/bent than others. True ^ this does look like Mo Vaughn.
Anyone know if the PS3 has different stances?

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