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The MLB 09 The Show team has sent us this exclusive PSP clip, which features the Braves @ Mets.

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# 1 MIKEY93 @ 02/26/09 11:31 PM
everything looks badass! would of been better if the Mets were winning
# 2 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/27/09 12:02 AM
Sick, looking forward to picking up this and the PS3 version Tuesday.
# 3 maball @ 02/27/09 02:19 AM
PSP version is looking great, picking it up on Tuesday
# 4 Rod_Carew29 @ 02/27/09 04:07 AM
sheesh! Ya can't even see the damn ball

# 5 BKAraujo @ 02/27/09 09:04 AM
It looks like the PSP has gotten some love. I think the graphics look a lot cleaner and smooth than past versions.
# 6 Hand76 @ 02/27/09 11:25 AM
Looks great, will buy!

Any word yet of a fantasy draft for us PSP Owners?
# 7 Pared @ 02/27/09 02:32 PM
None of the new stances/pitching motions were in that video.

# 8 sledgejrk @ 02/27/09 03:34 PM
Too bad the PSP has no franchise mode. Takes away some of the fun.
# 9 myghty @ 02/27/09 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by sledgejrk
Too bad the PSP has no franchise mode. Takes away some of the fun.
There is no Franchise Mode? Thats weak...
# 10 myghty @ 02/27/09 05:10 PM
So does RTTS 2.0 go multiple years or is it just 1 year?
# 11 Hand76 @ 02/27/09 05:33 PM
So without a franchise mode does that automatically rule out any chance of a draft?
# 12 myghty @ 02/27/09 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by jetercanoturn2
Yea man, I think it goes about 20 years plus, So your in good shape if your looking for the long haul experience of trying to become a hall of famer
Good to hear,thanks. This alone is worth a look-see!
# 13 Ajaaxx @ 02/27/09 07:27 PM
i know i'm a bit late to the game, but the long commute has been making me consider picking up a PSP. this will probably make me take the dive.
# 14 MIKEY93 @ 02/27/09 09:57 PM
i'm so getting this game
# 15 rts5002 @ 02/28/09 08:58 PM
Originally Posted by jetercanoturn2
40 man rosters, arbitration, September call-ups, waivers, rule-5 draft are included, I'm not sure about Fantasy draft.
Wait, why do they have the Rule 5 Draft if it doesn't go multiple seasons? That takes place in December.....

If you can convince me of why this is in the game, then I will have to buy it, and then Sony owes you big, lol.

The game looks sick though.
# 16 Bondsfan @ 03/01/09 02:04 AM
I don't understand. I thought the game didn't have a franchise mode. Isn't a mode where you play up to 2 seasons and sign free agents, deal with arbitration, etc a franchise mode. Season mode is just playing one year and done. Dealing with ticket prices is an owner mode.

I don't get it. I was under the impression the show didn't have a franchise and therefore you could only play one season.

So if there is multiple seasons (ie a franchise mode, no matter what they call it), does that mean there is scouting and a draft after each season so you can draft to your minor league (inactive) roster?

I'm so confused...
# 17 Bondsfan @ 03/01/09 04:12 AM
Oh my god... if they just correct the insanely easy hitting, this is going to really make my deployment fly by.
# 18 Bondsfan @ 03/01/09 04:42 AM
Yeah, but amazon will ship games (eventually). I should have it in about 2 weeks.

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