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The Need For Speed blog has been updated with a new Need for Speed World Online screenshot.

"While we were discussing the Q&A with Scott earlier this week I asked him if he could get me any more screenshots from World Online. Since it’s still pretty early in the development cycle there wasn’t a lot of screens available but he did find one shot he wanted to share with us. Before letting us see the shot Scott stressed it was still a work-in-progress image so shouldn't be judged as showing the final quality of the game.

When he'd sent the screen I asked him to give me a bit more information about what we’re looking at and he was happy to help out: “Key to the concept of NFS World Online is the user interface which has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the PC architecture. Instead of a traditional console view of a game, we’re using a user-selectable gadget interface designed specifically for the PC. The system allows the gamer to choose which components of the interface they want to add to their game. The gadgets are really flexible and offer a wide range of display options: docked/undocked, floating in the game window or just sitting outside of the game space. A lot of gamers now have more than one monitor so you could keep the game window entirely clean and then have all the gadgets sit in the other monitor. We think it’s about time PC gamers had games that allowed them to arrange their information their way."

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