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Check out the latest Madden NFL 10 blog. This one covers the improvements to WR/DB interaction.

"As most folks already know, as a design team we've been very active on the forums recently (starting about a month or so before the Madden NFL 09 release). Within minutes of talking with the community it's easy to tell that one of the most common areas requested for improvement is DB/WR play. Obviously, we're listening to you, and here are just some of the other improvements and changes that you can expect to see in Madden NFL 10 come August."

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# 1 StevieTheD @ 03/02/09 11:00 AM
Looks great.
# 2 NEW_ORLEANS @ 03/02/09 11:02 AM
Can't wait to get home.
# 3 wordtobigbird @ 03/02/09 11:04 AM
theres going to actually be offense and defensive pass interference that doesnt come from someone hit sticking too early? actual push offs and defensive holding?

well im shocked, surprised, and excited to hear that.
# 4 jerm21 @ 03/02/09 11:04 AM
sounds great Ian. I love the players jostling also the WR acceleration looks A LOT more realistic.
Keep the news comin!
# 5 drae2 @ 03/02/09 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
Man, I can't believe the things you guys have done already. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! If you can get rid of the bionic LB's, I'd buy the game with the additions you've made RIGHT NOW if possible. Keep up the fantastic work, Ian!
# 6 Pared @ 03/02/09 11:06 AM
What does "this is a Madden only feature" mean?
# 7 Palo20 @ 03/02/09 11:06 AM
Great Stuff Ian!!
# 8 Von Dozier @ 03/02/09 11:07 AM
Really liking this. In that first video alone, it's very easy to see you guys are taking a serious sim approach to this. Before looks like cheap arcade, and the new finally looks like Next Gen gaming we've all dreamed of.
# 9 Von Dozier @ 03/02/09 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by Pared
What does "this is a Madden only feature" mean?
Not gonna be in NCAA.
# 10 mjgill85 @ 03/02/09 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by StevieTheD
Looks great.

Quick question: Will the amount of jostling affect whether pass interference is called or not? Will different DBs provide different levels of harassment on a WR?
From the blog:
Adding these animations also allowed us the ability to call more realistic pass interference penalties. We've added a lot of variety that ranges from minor hand-fighting to severe push-offs and holds, so now we can make sure that pass interference gets called in a much more accurate manner. We're using the man coverage rating of the defender to determine how well he keeps the WR in check and how often he gets penalized.
# 11 wordtobigbird @ 03/02/09 11:10 AM
that jump the route animation is sick. cant wait to see some pick 6s.

one thing about wr vs db that is unfair is that the DBs can strafe catch and the WRS cant. i win pretty much every battle where the ball is in the air and i switch to the DB and just hit left trigger and Y and leap up because the WR doesnt do anything.

hopefully this means the WRs will actually have some new jump animations.
# 12 Rocky @ 03/02/09 11:11 AM
Sounds good to me!

"Lastly, we've started to use Procedural Awareness (so far just as a purely visual thing). We recently got head tracking in pre-play for WR's so they now look in towards the ball at the snap. This has been long overdue. We also enabled Procedural Awareness head tracking for DB's. In man coverage they will directly 'track' the eyes of the WR, and in zone coverage they will track the QB's eyes, with the ability to also randomly swap targets based on proximity of guys entering their zone."

If you can get the DB's reacting to player in their zone, covering some routes and opening up others, that would be something that no other game has done before and would really change the offensive football in video gaming.

Any hope of getting this in?
# 13 tyler289 @ 03/02/09 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Pared
What does "this is a Madden only feature" mean?
It won't be in NCAA, I presume.

All this sounds real good.
# 14 Got The Goods @ 03/02/09 11:17 AM
Awesome!! Love everything you guys have done. Finally shadowing is back and more realistic route running and hopefully your saying you fixed man coverage as well. Good to see more use of PA to look more realistic. Everything is great, keep it up and don't disappoint us.
# 15 BezO @ 03/02/09 11:17 AM
Excellent! These "minor" announcements have been quite major.

Just a few questions.

-Any Cover 2 specific chuch animations where the CB is trying to force the WR inside?
-Can pass interferance be called during a chuck?
-Will motion have an effect on the DB's ability to chuck?
-Is there a shading feature that allows the CBs to line up inside, straight up & outside of the WR? And will this effect chucking?
# 16 Rocky @ 03/02/09 11:18 AM
On 2nd look, why does the WR running the out route on Madden 09 look alot better than the WR running the out route on Madden 10?
# 17 Pared @ 03/02/09 11:19 AM
That makes sense. Bah.
# 18 Brandwin @ 03/02/09 11:19 AM
Wow... color me impressed with everything you guys have shown us so far. I am a bit disapointed NCAA isn't getting some of this.

Looking forward to seeing what else you guys have in store for us.
# 19 wordtobigbird @ 03/02/09 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by Rocky
On 2nd look, why does the WR running the out route on Madden 09 look alot better than the WR running the out route on Madden 10?
theyre doing the same thing but the 09 one is doing it way faster. and the 09 one just plants and cuts on the route, the other one is breaking down and then cutting
# 20 ch46647 @ 03/02/09 11:21 AM
WOW!!! That is another fantastic blog! I am so excited for Madden 2010 and its 5 months away. I really like the way Ian shows these little videos so we can see it for ourself what it will look like in the game. Also, it really sounds like they are going all out with the acceleration and momentum which is something I was praying they would do. That in and of itself will make this game play 1000000X better.

Thanks for the info Ian and keep up the great work. I am really looking forward to reading the community reaction to this blog.

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