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Ever had a question for Peter Moore? First Cuts is giving you a chance to do just that.

"We've got a few fun interviews coming up in the next week or two. First, we'll get a chance to chat with Stacey Oristano of Friday Night Lights, better known as Mindy Collette. And next week I'll be speaking with EA Sports president Peter Moore. So ... FNL and the entire EA Sports landscape. Surely you've got some questions to fire at these two willing participants."

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# 1 adembroski @ 03/03/09 07:05 PM
For Peter Moore-

As an outside observer, it seems to me that there has been a significant change in the corporate culture at EA, and not just EA sports. The company has seemed more open, and more willing to take financial risks in order to create more innovative and interesting games. Is there any insight you can give us on what trigger this change, and, specifically at EA sports, how the more open atmosphere, the interaction with the fan base, has changed the way EA does business internally?
# 2 jerryrice4949 @ 03/03/09 09:26 PM
Why no NCAA baseball game? The 06 one sold 500,000 plus, better than your NCAA basketball game. 07 did not sell well but no time/money was put into the game and it was basically mailed in. Is EA willing to put money into a franchise and build it up? It seems like EA does not like to invest money and build a frachise from the ground up anymore. Madden did not start out as a multi million dollar seller.
# 3 Cusefan @ 03/04/09 11:51 AM
Peter Moore-

In 2005 EA Sports and ESPN signed a deal that allowed EA to use the ESPN brand in Video games. My question is, Why has EA Sports been so reluctant to use the ESPN brand in game? I understand you want to Push the EA Sports brand in your games but why not give the Consumers the option to choose the ESPN brand?
# 4 Bubstarr @ 03/04/09 12:46 PM
I applaud and I'm completely astounded by the direction that you are going in with the Madden franchise. With that being said is there a possibility that Madden 10 will support 1080P resolution on the PS3 console. Pardon my redundance with Cusefan and no disrepect but in my opinion the ESPN presentation would add so much realism opposed to the EA Sports presentation. Furthermore, it could be used as a key selling point for the game.
# 5 Cusefan @ 03/04/09 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Ever had a question for Peter Moore? First Cuts is giving you a chance to do just that.
P.S. Steve, if you do decide to use my Question, please make sure he answers the Gameplay aspect of it. I know he will try and say that he thinks they are using the ESPN brand well and reference the menu ESPN on Demand stuff. But We OSers want to know, How come we dont have ESPN overlays and music. Where is the network Presentation, Where is the In-studio Analysts. How Comes Madden is lagging behind a 5 year old game in terms of presentation.

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