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This week, Producer Matt Prior talks about online tournaments and pricing.

"Before I talk about Online Tournaments I wanted to inform you that we have confirmed the pricing for FIFA 09 Ultimate Team. It will be available beginning March 19 for 800 Microsoft points or $9.99. In addition, for those of you who donít want to play their way to accumulate packages of cards, bronze packages of cards can be purchased for 20 Microsoft points or $.25, silver packages for 40 Microsoft points or $.50 and gold level packages for 80 Microsoft points or $1. Itís important to point out that this is only a shortcut and wonít buy you anything that you canít already earn in-game; itís simply a shortcut for those who want to use it. Silver and Gold packs are locked out initially and canít be purchased during the free trial period. It takes 6 and 12 games, respectively, before the Silver & Gold packs are unlocked.

One of the questions I get asked most often is ďwhat are the differences between league matches and tournaments?Ē"

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