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IGN has posted their first look at Fight Night Round 4.

"The graphics, while still impressive with their super-slick movements and shiny exteriors, aren't the star of the show this time around. No, Fight Night Round 4 is a showcase of physics. Gone are the days of punches restricted to four specific quadrants. Now glancing blows, arms getting tangled, pretty much every physical interaction that would happen in the ring can happen in Round 4. I once saw a fighter duck under a punch only to have the other fighter's arm glance the top of his head. The ducking fighter's head reacted authentically, as did the arm. No clipping, no weirdness. It was great to see the genuine physicality coming through. Another instance involved the Philly Shell blocking style. One fighter threw a punch in between the arms of the other fighter and, sure enough, his arm got stuck for a split-second.

Along with the new physics, the team at EA Vancouver has also instilled some new control mechanics. Gone is the insane emphasis on landing ridiculously devastating haymakers. In fact, the way haymakers are thrown is no longer done with the right stick alone. Hooks, jabs, straights and uppercuts are all thrown the same way, but to land a haymaker you'll need to toss a hook while holding the right bumper. Hooks to the body are thrown by flicking the right stick to the left or right and straight and jabs to the body are done by holding the left trigger, same as in Round 3."

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# 1 Vast @ 03/12/09 02:18 PM
Good Looks! gonna read now
# 2 Vast @ 03/12/09 03:28 PM
OMG. i can't believe how impatient i am. AFter reading that i need this game NOW!.
# 3 TequILLa @ 03/12/09 05:38 PM
Originally Posted by Vast
OMG. i can't believe how impatient i am. AFter reading that i need this game NOW!.
All we need now is a full roster and I'm good!

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