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We have just posted another OS exclusive FIFA 09 Ultimate Team Producer Blog. This final blog talks about strategies.

"Team Chemistry really is the key to success in FIFA 09 Ultimate Team. A high team chemistry rating will boost the attributes of your players and give you that added advantage in matches, particular in online matches where we expect the competition to be fierce. Just as in real life, building the best team is not just about getting the best players. To build a winning team, you’ll need to get players that fit in with your style of play, your formation, and the players around them. There are three factors that are used to build chemistry: Position, Formation & Nationality.

Playing a player in his correct position is the easiest way to boost team chemistry. If you play a striker in defence, he is not going to be happy, so play him in his correct position and you’ll get a team chemistry bonus indicated by the position icon. Have a team full of players in their correct positions and you will notice a real difference."

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