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1up has posted their preview of Fight Night Round 4.

"I've never been comfortable using the analog controls in Fight Night. Does that make me a button masher? Probably, but I've just never been able to string together combos as efficiently with the stick as jamming on the four face buttons. Unfortunately for me, that's not really an option anymore. The developers on Round 4 have decided to make analog controls the only control scheme."

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# 1 Vast @ 03/20/09 09:35 PM
I found this comment posted in regards to the article on 1up hilarious.

" Depressing news
Author: Rodney , 03/20/2009
I was excited for this game and now I'm pissed off and might not get it. I hated using the stick in round 3. It was so much easier to put together combos with the buttons versus using the joystick. Throwing a punch in a BOXING game should be effortless. When using the joystick it wasn't. It's fine if I want to throw 1 jab but not if I'm throwing 3 to 5 different punches to the head and body.

Why the hell would you change the blocking system? The parrying is one of the great things about round 3. They should have left the Chicago team in place because this new group seems to have ****ed up the game. I'll wait for a demo but I'm not rushing out to get the game like I originally was.

Not a button masher, just don't want a BOXING game that feels like Street Fighter."

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# 2 sabotai @ 03/20/09 11:15 PM
Not thrilled about having to use the stick. I had a hard time getting used to it, but since I had the option of using buttons, I probably gave up on it too quickly in FN3. I'm sure I can get used to it. If not, I found FN3 way too easy. If anything, it'll at least add some difficulty.

And I am happy the "parry" was taken out. That was, by far, the worst thing about the previous Fight Night games.

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