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The following websites have posted Punch-Out!! updates:
  • Eurogamer: GDC: Punch-Out!! has multiplayer

    "In the first press preview of its Wii revival Punch-Out!! at GDC this week, Nintendo and developer Next Level Games have revealed that the game will have a multiplayer mode - but they haven't said quite what it will be yet."
  • Eurogamer: Punch-Out!! Hands On

    "With such transparent and responsive controls, you can focus all your attention on dodging your opponent's blows and wearing them down with flurries of counters - or watching for their moments of weakness when you can dive in and earn a star."
  • Gamespot: GDC 2009: Punch-Out! Hands-On

    "Simply punching with the Wii Remote and nunchuck will result in body jabs, while pushing up on the nunchuck stick will throw blows to the face. Pushing left or right will make Little Mac dodge in that direction, while pushing down will make him duck."
  • IGN: Punch-Out!! Hands-On

    "The first fight in the demo kicks off just like classic Punch-Out!!: a fight against Glass Joe, the brittle boxer who'll hit the canvas faster than a dropped sack of flour. The Wii rendition of Glass Joe has changed from a generic, weak white guy to a baguette-loving Frenchman who speaks in fluent Pepe le Pew dialect."

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