Grand Slam Tennis News Post

Eurogamer has posted their hands-on preview of Grand Slam Tennis.

"The key innovation here is the ability to rotate the Wiimote in order to pull off different shot types. Twist the controller forward and you'll apply topspin, while rotating backwards enables you to slice. Keeping the remote central executes a flat shot. The strength with which you swing and how far you pull the controller sideways also influences the flight of the ball, allowing you to genuinely aim for the court's corners and pull your opponent out of position. With your thumb over the A button and your index finger poised above B, you can further mix up your shot types, with A allowing you to lob and B executing a drop-shot. Your player's movements are either automatically controlled or, if you're feeling brave, there's an option to navigate your player with the nunchuk control stick. And for advanced players, the d-pad can be used to rush the net - a particularly useful trick on grass."

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