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Eurogamer has posted their hands-on preview of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

"Putting is another area that's been revamped. Whereas previously, sinking the ball from fifty yards often seemed easier than putting from directly in front of the flag, a new system now incorporates both forward and backswing momentum, which, coupled with MotionPlus, increases putting sensitivity and results in more challenging and satisfying putts. Last year's All-Play mode, which proved so successful at allowing novices to take on seasoned players, reprises its role here, with newcomers able to see exactly where their shots will land, while the game's more forgiving swing system should hopefully prevent beginners from hooking their shots into the rough on a regular basis."

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# 1 Pappy Knuckles @ 04/01/09 08:39 PM
This article is about the Wii version.
# 2 OnlookerDelay @ 04/03/09 07:57 AM
Excerpt from this article:

"With a host of other pro players other than Tiger set to feature, and a new Tournament mode that'll allow you and up to three friends to play simultaneously online"

In one of EA Live's radio broadcasts, Tiger Woods 2010 Senior Designer, Mike Devault was asked by either Jason or Rob Thompson (the show's hosts, who do a really solid job with something that could easily come off as ridiculously self-serving and cheesy) if he could talk about a feature called "Tournament Challenge". Mike mulled it over and declined, saying that it was scheduled to be introduced later. I could tell that the Thompson brother who asked the question was genuinely stoked about it.

Many of us have longed for an online tournament mode that would allow up to a foursome to play together in a centrally administered, real time tournament on EA's server. I don't know whether something like this would be a part of Gamernet, the Daily Tournament, or something else along the lines of user created online tournaments which have been a part of the PC version for years now. Whatever the case, this is another signal that EA Sports has been listening to its user base and responded. I'm anxious to see just how creative they've gotten with Tournament Challenge!

I know the article is about the Wii version of the game, but this sounds like a generic feature to me.

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