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Operation Sports will be developing the best game ever made, Women's College Softball.

TUNIS, TUNISIA - April 1, 2009 - After ten very successful years covering sports video games, the worldwide destination for every possible thing relating to sports gaming will be entering the game development world with an exciting new title, Women's College Softball.

The game, slated for release in Q2 2010, will offer gamers a new and exciting experience on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 consoles. The game will mix the exciting real to life softball action on the field with the scandalous off-the-field issues you have come to know and expect from Women's College Softball.

"We have always felt we knew how to develop games better than the developers," said Operation Sports' CEO Steve Noah, "Why else do you think we review the games? With Women's College Softball, you have an under-appreciated sport that gets absolutely terrible ratings whenever it is on TV, what is not to like with bringing the sport to a console near you?"

The game will feature ultra realistic action and will retail for a mere $59.99. There will be a special Jenny Finch edition of the game which will include extras which will cost $79.99. The Jenny Finch edition of the game will also carry an M rating.

Women's College Softball is developed in Tunis, Tunisia by Operation Sports which provides all of the latest and greatest reviews, previews and more.

For more information on Women's College Softball, check out Operation Sports Web Site at:http://www.operationsports.com

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Member Comments
# 1 Trevytrev11 @ 04/01/09 09:08 AM

Though I would pay to play with Jenny Finch, just not in a video game way
# 2 JohnDoe8865 @ 04/01/09 09:10 AM
I've already pre-ordered!
# 3 bonannogiovanni @ 04/01/09 09:34 AM
That's what I thought when reading Tunisia, prank!
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 04/01/09 09:40 AM
# 5 Cryolemon @ 04/01/09 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Trevytrev11

Though I would pay to play with Jenny Finch, just not in a video game way
This. Although it did say "College" not pro softball.
# 6 callmetaternuts @ 04/01/09 10:15 AM
I can't wait!!!! What a great idea. Maybe next we can do "Return to Horse Racing: A WNBA Story"
# 7 JohnnytheSkin @ 04/01/09 10:22 AM
Jesus Christ....this isn't even a clever "prank". I ****ing HATE April 1st.

# 8 rudyjuly2 @ 04/01/09 10:43 AM
Can't wait for women's basketball and hockey!
# 9 DubTrey1 @ 04/01/09 11:54 AM
Let me be the first to say - FINALLY!!! All we need now is womens lacross and curling. Game. set. match.

Yay April 1st.
# 10 stlstudios189 @ 04/01/09 01:12 PM
I almost believed it
# 11 DaveDQ @ 04/01/09 01:34 PM
Can't wait for the "purists" to disect this one. "Her butt is far too small..."
# 12 bigfnjoe96 @ 04/01/09 01:36 PM
I have such a MAN CRUSH on this place it ain't even funny.....
# 13 DirtyJerz32 @ 04/01/09 02:35 PM
Yes. It's about time. Bring it. The Road to Orgas... sorry Ohmaha.
# 14 Steve_OS @ 04/01/09 03:18 PM
Screenshots coming soon...
# 15 jWILL253 @ 04/01/09 03:20 PM
I heard that EA was gonna make a women's lacrosse game. Don't look now, but I also heard that 2K was gonna make a pro croquet game.

LOL!!! April Fool's Day is fun...
# 16 dave731 @ 04/01/09 03:46 PM
If this was only collegiate women's volleyball...
# 17 maddenislife @ 04/01/09 04:31 PM
yeah, maybe there will be an opportunity to pose in playboy too, or sleep with the other teams star players husband...be great
# 18 deaduck @ 04/01/09 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by dave731
If this was only collegiate women's volleyball...
I do vaguely recall a "real" sand volleyball game with lots of giggling in it
# 19 raidersbball20 @ 04/01/09 09:55 PM
that video of wnba live 08 was so funny
if this softball thing were real i would definitely get the M rated Jenny Finch version

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