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It took a month, but I finally put down the PS3 controller and gave The Show a break to try out the new Ultimate Team downloadable expansion for FIFA 09.

The expansion does a great job of breathing some life into a game thatís almost six months old at this point Ė creating a completely different way to enjoy the same on the pitch action, while adding some new wrinkles and challenges to team building.

But with that said, if you arenít a FIFA fanatic who was likely to play FIFA for another few months anyway, the expansion might not be for you.

Ultimate Team Expansion Breathes New Life into FIFA

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# 1 BlyGilmore @ 04/08/09 02:10 PM
btw guys I added another blog on the topic - this time some tips for building your Ultimate Team ...

# 2 cepwin @ 04/08/09 05:55 PM
I have to agree. It got me back and playing FIFA...and delving more into it than I had before.
# 3 BlyGilmore @ 04/09/09 09:18 AM
yeah i damn near ODed on this over the weekend lol. between the trading feature and the actual game, i'm spending way too much time playing FIFA.

At this point I only have two silver players left on my team (an American RB Spector and my created player), built entirely with earned coins (no bought packs) and shrewd trading (grabbing guys all over the place for 150, like Mascherano).
# 4 Fluffhead @ 04/09/09 05:34 PM
Anybody know if this mode going to be included with FIFA 10 or will it be a seperate add on again?
# 5 southernbelle @ 08/17/09 07:10 AM
i am looking for a stop gap before FIFA 10, or at elast the demo. what was the OS community's overall view of Ultimate Team?
# 6 Tomasperez9 @ 08/17/09 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by southernbelle
i am looking for a stop gap before FIFA 10, or at elast the demo. what was the OS community's overall view of Ultimate Team?
It was fun at the beginning, but now, after months of it being out, the vast majority of people have created teams of all 99 OVR players. The player progression cards were completely ridiculous (for example, Palladino and Del Piero are both 99 OVRs on my team and have forced David Villa to the bench, while Kleber Santana of all people is now better than my Diego in the midfield) and in a way ruined the game. If you were to start now, you would be completely overmatched if you were to play online. However, if you only are going to play offline, then you should be fine, that is, if you can actually stand playing against the CPU. I'd give UT a 6/10; it's worth purchasing only if you're a huge FIFA fan who is bored of the game as it is out of the box and cannot wait for 2010.

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