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Three computers chugged for 72 hours to simulate the 2009 season exactly 10,000 times. That's so many seasons, the Pirates even won the World Series more than once.

Some predictions aren't a surprise, like AL East being a tough division. But some are likely to start arguments, like the prediction that the Cubs and Cardinals are likely to falter down the stretch.

Check out the article, right here.

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# 1 MachoMyers @ 04/06/09 02:32 AM
Baseball Mogul. Can't trust those numbers. If it were the OOTP boys though
# 2 Williams38 @ 04/06/09 04:11 AM
Not sure if the wink is sarcastic. The Mogul rosters are really good this year. With both sims you get out what you put in. The nice thing about Mogul is you don't have to wait for roster sets although when the good OOTP roster sets come out then they are both pretty good at playing the current season. Until then, don't even bother cuz the Lahman DB doesn't have this year's rosters and ratings.
# 3 stlstudios189 @ 04/06/09 12:43 PM
interesting article.
# 4 soltrain @ 04/07/09 12:19 PM
The White Sox as the worst team in the American League? Yeesh...

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