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Check out the new Madden NFL 10 blog. This one features the importance of an early community day.

"On April 10, we flew in 8 of the most hardcore Madden fans for a marathon testing day to get an extremely early look at our Alpha build and provide feedback based on where the game is thus far. You may ask, “What is new about this? Haven’t you had community events in the past?” Yes, we have done these before, but there are some key differences."

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Member Comments
# 1 SageInfinite @ 04/13/09 05:00 PM
HAND WARMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
# 2 StevieTheD @ 04/13/09 05:02 PM
Looks like the under won.
# 3 kehlis @ 04/13/09 05:03 PM
the chin straps are new too aren't they?
# 4 bowdown2shadi @ 04/13/09 05:03 PM
So there is a pocket this year!

Hand warmers, YES!
# 5 Freshness10 @ 04/13/09 05:04 PM
# 6 sportzbro @ 04/13/09 05:04 PM
thanks ian.
# 7 TDogg09 @ 04/13/09 05:05 PM
could someone post the blog here? I can't access the site.
# 8 DearbornDolfan @ 04/13/09 05:05 PM
- Forced QB dropbacks
Aha! So this is how you guys decided to fix the sneak. Nice.
# 9 NYyankz225 @ 04/13/09 05:07 PM
Sounds good . Figured this would have less content considering the surprise Friday blog. Nice screenshot though.
# 10 DearbornDolfan @ 04/13/09 05:09 PM
Just commenting as I go along. Disappointed you guys didn't address outside runs right away. Blocking was the biggest issue with 09 and should have been priority one.
# 11 NFLHITMAN @ 04/13/09 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
Check out the new Madden NFL 10 blog. This one features the importance of an early community day.


My favorite team and everything

You not only got the Hand Warmers & towels but you got the Neon Green gloves the WR's wear!!!!!!

Nice work Michael Young!!
# 12 mKoz26 @ 04/13/09 05:11 PM
Hand warmers get me excited too! Great blog and thank you to the attendees. You guys helped in creating what should be the best Madden ever!
# 13 countryboy @ 04/13/09 05:11 PM
how long until someone chimes in..."this blog was stupid...yada..yada..yada.."
# 14 icomb1ne @ 04/13/09 05:12 PM
# 15 ghostlight85 @ 04/13/09 05:12 PM
Sweet blog, Ian. Take those guys feedback and do as much as you can with it. From the look of it you picked the right team.
# 16 LBzrule @ 04/13/09 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by DearbornDolfan
Aha! So this is how you guys decided to fix the sneak. Nice.
I'm waiting for the tourney community to backlash on that one. But they need to know it is not as bad as they will imagine it.
# 17 monkeybutlerz @ 04/13/09 05:13 PM
Looks great, but shouldn't Hasselbeck have the single-buckle chin strap?

# 18 Tengo Juego @ 04/13/09 05:14 PM
Ian said "accessories" but I'm only seeing the handwarmers. Do the gloves count as one?
# 19 NFLHITMAN @ 04/13/09 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by TDogg09
Is it possible for a player to have both a handwarmer and a towel?

# 20 shad_moss93 @ 04/13/09 05:15 PM
I think the opening on the face mask should wider

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