UFC 2009 Undisputed News Post

Gamespy has posted their preview of UFC 2009 Undisputed.

"White took it to St-Pierre for a while, repeatedly kicking him in the side while GSP tried in vain to find the "block" command. The health and stamina bars weren't up on the screen, but everyone in the room figured it was only a matter of time before White finished the job and kept his "undefeated" streak alive for another day."

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# 1 Phobia @ 04/22/09 09:28 AM
Nice little write up. But pretty vague.
# 2 Pappy Knuckles @ 04/22/09 09:30 AM
I'd like to hear about the career mode.
# 3 Brandwin @ 04/22/09 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Pappy Knuckles
I'd like to hear about the career mode.
I want to hear more about career mode too. I wonder if there is anything in store for online?
# 4 Wet Bandit @ 04/22/09 01:19 PM
One thing stuck out to me in the Gamespy article:
For example, you may be invited to train with "Team Penn," take a first-level kickboxing lesson, or learn how to throw a Superman Punch.
When I was looking at Shogun's combo list yesterday, I noticed it said something like 'level 3 muay thai'. Our created fighters might start with bare-bones techniques in our disciplines, and actually have to build up their skills by training new levels in those disciplines, like the aforementioned first-level kickboxing lesson. Presumably it would be a while before we'd have all the tools someone like Shogun or Chuck has.

I read before that we could do training and such in career mode, but I figured it'd just give a small boost to the related striking skills or whatever. But it seems like we might actually have to train higher proficiencies in our disciplines to get more techniques and/or combos, which I think would be a great idea.

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