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Videogamer.com has posted their hands-on preview of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

"Core to the tournament atmosphere are a number of things that combine to make for a more realistic pro sportsman experience. The game now has far more spectators, something that has always been a problem in the games over the years. They no longer appear as if they've just wandered randomly onto a golf course, instead being collected into an excited mass of eager spectators that are ready to explode with whoops and cheers when you play a good shot."

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# 1 OnlookerDelay @ 04/24/09 10:01 AM
Dayum... after reading this preview, I'm about ready to cancel my XBox 360 version preorder, and buy a Wii and the Wii Motion Plus/Tiger Woods 10 bundle!

This paragraph is especially telling:

In terms of how the game plays, on the next-gen platforms it's very much how it was, but with a new precision putting mode. This replaces the rather - let's face it - terrible putting system we've had for the last few years and gives you far more control. You can still use putt preview to help you out and there are assists to make it easier, but you feel like you're able to make a better stab at hitting the ball with the pace you're after thanks to the on-screen meter.

I was hoping that the attention to Precision Putting would bode well for the rest of the swing types interfaces. This doesn't make it sound like that's the case. The Wii version sure is sounding sweet though! I just don't know if I can handle SD on my 56" HDTV though
# 2 tst313 @ 05/01/09 04:20 PM
Buying a wii just for this stupid game, haha. But I too am a bit worried what the SD graphics are going to look like on my 61" dlp screen. Either way, the game looks just incredibly fun and realistic!

Now if only my 360 had the wi controller.....
# 3 OnlookerDelay @ 05/02/09 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by tst313
Now if only my 360 had the wi controller.....
Amen! I'm surprised that the 360 doesn't have something comparable to it at this point. I've already ordered the TW 10/Wii Motion Plus bundle just so I'll assure myself a Wii Motion Plus, but the $10 savings on the bundle is nice. I don't know when I'll be able to afford the Wii, but sooner or later I'll find a way.
# 4 bigmoe @ 05/04/09 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by hdaniel1
Videogamer.com has posted their hands-on preview of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

Next up are live score updates of other golfers in the tournament. By simply knowing how the other players on the leaderboard are doing, it adds more pressure to the putts you're having to make
Do we know if our controlled player will be teamed up with a cpu player in a tourny? Been waiting on this since the Genesis days :- (

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