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IGN has posted a article revealing nine more fighters from Fight Night Round 4.

"Fight Night Round 4 bills itself as having the largest stable of quality boxers ever seen in a videogame. Now we have even more proof of that claim with our reveal of nine more boxers to go along with the five heavy hitters we revealed last month."

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# 1 SteelerSpartan @ 04/24/09 05:18 PM

Man way too much weight on Hattons hips...these models are really starting to irk me
# 2 SHAKYR @ 04/24/09 06:09 PM
# 3 SHAKYR @ 04/24/09 06:13 PM

I think the photos look pretty close.
# 4 Jgainsey @ 04/24/09 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by SHAKYR

I think the photos look pretty close.
For the most part they do, but the waist/hips are practically as wide as his upper body. There should be more of a V shape. It kind of makes him look like a really buff old man.
# 5 bigball12 @ 04/25/09 06:53 PM
Disappointed with some choices. Emanuel Augustus, Nate Campbell & Vivian Harris, should be subbed for the likes of Paul Williams, Calzaghe, and Froch. It wouldn't necessarily have to be those three, but the three chosen for the game are absolutly ridiculous!
# 6 jbdeuce @ 04/25/09 09:36 PM
At first I was disappointed with the list. (Vivian Harris AND Corey Spinks in the same game WOW!) But then I realized I can just beat the s$#@ (snot) out of them! Because in the end, their better than the old school fighters who retired before I was born.
# 7 D_NyCe @ 04/29/09 05:49 PM
yeah I'm hoping more better boxers are coming, it's kinda dissappointing, but really, I mite just create my own player, hopefully thats got some good player models
# 8 Vast @ 04/29/09 08:00 PM
Did i read that right? Augustus has 30 losses????
# 9 SteelerSpartan @ 04/30/09 11:08 AM
Isn't Shane supposed to be in??? They haven't shown any shots of him yet have they
# 10 jbdeuce @ 04/30/09 11:40 AM
Augustus fought a lot of top fighters though. If you haven't seen his fight with Micky Ward (hope he's in) YOU HAVE TO WATCH THAT FIGHT!
# 11 jbdeuce @ 05/02/09 12:59 AM
Augustus had the old school mentality of just go fight and throw the records out the window. He was one of the true anybody, anytime, any place fighters that didn't trip over his fight purse. He did have some fights that he should have won but his opponent was the "hot prospect" (in other words boxing robbery, protecting the prospects record ), he took to many, in my opinion, last minute fill in fights, and others he put up great fights but took legitimate @$s whippings.

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