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The latest Madden NFL 10 blog is online. Letting the "Wildcat" Loose.

"Throughout the season we have witnessed many different teams use variations of the Wildcat, but no one used it more effectively and extensively as the Miami Dolphins. In the Dolphins version of this offense, they placed running back Ronnie Brown at the “Quarterback” position. They then lined up running back Ricky Williams at slot receiver, and often times brought him in motion to either receive or fake a handoff from Brown. The Dolphins also use an unbalanced line by moving the left tackle over to the right side of the formation and lining him up next to the right tackle. The Tight End moves down to replace the left tackle and is still an eligible receiver because he is on the end of the line and uncovered (You’ll see a good video example of this below) by another receiver."

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Member Comments
# 1 Scott @ 04/27/09 07:11 PM
Thanks Ian.
# 2 Stroehms @ 04/27/09 07:11 PM
Thank you sir
# 3 Nature_Boy @ 04/27/09 07:12 PM
Thanks for all the updates and blogs you have given us. I hope the Raiders get the Wildcat formation in our playbooks. We need all the help we can get Ian. lol. I can't wait until August 14th.
# 4 daplayawitdafunk @ 04/27/09 07:12 PM
Thank you Ian..... 4 Player Co-Op since 2000 (Except 06-?)
# 5 adub88 @ 04/27/09 07:13 PM
yessir, good stuff
# 6 Stroehms @ 04/27/09 07:15 PM
I like how you can here the Ref's whistles, can't remember if I could in any other versions.
# 7 viewtifuljoe71 @ 04/27/09 07:15 PM
Right on time Ian!!!!!
# 8 pigspigs76 @ 04/27/09 07:16 PM
I hope its in Oaklands playbook, they used it so it should be.
# 9 achain @ 04/27/09 07:18 PM
Good videos overall. Last video looks pretty pedestrian, though. It just looks like any other PA pass play except White is the QB and wears the number of an hback....
# 10 Cryolemon @ 04/27/09 07:18 PM
Looks ok. Doesn't seem like it will be too easy to cheese with, which can only be a good thing.
# 11 achain @ 04/27/09 07:20 PM
Just noticed another thing in the power play video.

After Williams fakes getting the ball, he just keeps running to the sidelines ahead of the QB. Isn't he supposed to try and throw a block?

edit - Oops, I guess not.
# 12 wordtobigbird @ 04/27/09 07:21 PM
last video. double team block on kris jenksins.
# 13 AndyBernard @ 04/27/09 07:21 PM
The Browns sometimes used the "Flash Package" last year with josh cribbs

but since romeo crennel is a moron, he let ken dorsey throw the ball the majority of the time
# 14 dannydufflebags @ 04/27/09 07:22 PM
Lokks like alot of effort was put into this, looks good so far.

I am wondering what #88 is doing with the pull block during the PA Jet Sweep. He should've kept leading for the runner, instead he turned around and tried to block someone behind the play. Doesn't make ANY sense, and this was a problem in Madden 09.
# 15 polamalu82 @ 04/27/09 07:23 PM
Ian, I don't see what you were so worried about? That was one of the best blogs so far IMO. Diggin' the slower speed of the game.
# 16 AndyBernard @ 04/27/09 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by wordtobigbird
last video. double team block on kris jenksins.

Ian, confirm this, and Andy never talks in third person again!
# 17 Chargersa7x @ 04/27/09 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by wordtobigbird
last video. double team block on kris jenksins.
Good catch. That might excite me more than anything else about those videos.

Although facing the dolphins and the wildcat should be fun.
# 18 AndyBernard @ 04/27/09 07:24 PM
Holy Crap!!!!

It really looks like he is getting doubled!!!!

Please let this be true
# 19 Cryolemon @ 04/27/09 07:25 PM
One play I would like to see is the flea flicker they ran out of it. Also the triple option with Brown, Williams and Cobbs all lining up in the backfield.
# 20 wordtobigbird @ 04/27/09 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by AndyBernard
Ian, confirm this, and Andy never talks in third person again!
watch it and see?

looks like there might even be a third guy trying to block him for a second. seems like this pro-tak technology for gang tackles works for blocking too

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