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IGN has posted their preview of Madden NFL 10.

"Gone are the futuristic menu backdrops and overly stylized menu systems. They've been replaced by a much more simplistic display. Images of NFL players and fans flash in the background as you work your way through the different menu options -- which are now a less abrasive font and seem to have a better flow as you progress."

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# 1 Valdarez @ 04/29/09 03:31 PM
Thank goodness. You almost needed a PhD to navigate their menus!
# 2 Pared @ 04/29/09 03:33 PM
Whoops! Clicked on the link for the trailer and it brought up IGN's web portal for email.

# 3 Smoke316 @ 04/29/09 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by Valdarez
Thank goodness. You almost needed a PhD to navigate their menus!
lol so true.. i put madden 09 down for a few weeks.. turned it back on and completely forgot how to get back to me online league ( that i never played). The NCAA menu screen and back round is just fine if that is what they did... K.I.S.S right?
# 4 Netherscourge @ 04/29/09 03:37 PM
Nothing new really - just impressions of what we already know.
# 5 Jamin23 @ 04/29/09 03:37 PM
They have a lot of new pictures and videos too.
# 6 djKianoosh @ 04/29/09 03:43 PM
# 7 Smoke316 @ 04/29/09 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by marktg30
Wow, the very last part of the article said something about ADDITIONS to Franchise Mode!!!!

Now if only they would give us some info.
man its nice to see someone else FIENDING for franchise info lol
# 8 ScoobySnax @ 04/29/09 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Valdarez
Thank goodness. You almost needed a PhD to navigate their menus!
True indeed lol.
# 9 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 04/29/09 03:54 PM
Wow those videos are awesome. The video on blocking gets me pumped up! Watching Berry try to swing around the LT is so sickkkk
# 10 Scott @ 04/29/09 03:56 PM
I agree, huge progress made.
# 11 CzecHitYou @ 04/29/09 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Scott
I agree, huge progress made.
For sure, this looks absolutely awesome. Blocking was unbelievable and the step up in the pocket game me goosebumps...well, not really.
# 12 adembroski @ 04/29/09 04:35 PM
New menus are good... new menu backgrounds are downright sexy.
# 13 Smoke316 @ 04/29/09 04:36 PM
the visuals on this game are stunning.. the only thing im askin for is the play call screen..can i get some yard markers on the lil windows that show the 3 plays.. so i know where the first down is..feel me?
# 14 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/29/09 05:02 PM
The only thing I am not really happy bout will not use is the right stick hit to avoid the pass rush. I will do it the old fashsion way just sprinting out of the pocket when is breaks down and run for my life. Then throw it away are to one of my check down backs. The avoid the pass rusher hit stick really not needed.. BTW correct me if I am wrong. But didn't madden are ncaa football have this certain feature in the past that was taken out. Hmmm! But anyways besides that little feature I really love how madden 10 is coming a long.

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