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Destructoid has posted their preview of Madden NFL 10.

"Of course, gameplay is what matters the most. The game’s credo this year is “Fight For Every Yard,” and Tiburon is using some tremendous new technology to make that happen. Madden 10 will see the debut of the “Pro-Tak” system, which is a physics-based procedural tackling setup. Last year’s game was limited to producing three-man gang tackles, but with Pro-Tak, up to nine men can be part of a pile. That’s not just a ball carrier and eight defenders, either -- for example, offensive linemen can join in and try to push the pile forward a few inches for that vital first down. All the collisions are procedurally generated, not canned animations, and they take physics (body size, player speed at impact, etc.) into account."

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# 1 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/29/09 09:59 PM
Well this new defensive help thing I ain't to thrilled with. But I hope you can turn it of. I love playing the old fashion way. I kind of fill like this turning into a game now where the pc does most of the work on the field. I like doing the work myself. But the game is still looking very awsome.
# 2 scott209 @ 04/29/09 11:49 PM
I think the defence help thing sounds cool. I sure can't keep up with the recever on this game so i like it now I can finally play as a corner.
# 3 whosgotcha @ 04/30/09 10:46 AM
The Pro-Tak has me interested.
# 4 johnnyg713 @ 04/30/09 11:20 AM
information about the matchup while the game loads....... pre game show???
# 5 43Chargers4Now @ 07/13/09 11:18 PM
Originally Posted by whosgotcha
The Pro-Tak has me interested.
Lol You're so late. Months late
# 6 erich20012001 @ 07/13/09 11:20 PM
You bumped something from 2 1/2 months ago.
# 7 titansftw @ 07/14/09 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by 43Chargers4Now
Lol You're so late. Months late

This is kind of ironic. Mods please close this, right?

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