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IGN has posted a interview with Tim Spanger, Art Director of Madden NFL 10.

IGN: " Madden for Wii has in the past featured a more realistic look. Why change it?"

Tim Spanger: "The goal was to give the Madden for the Wii its own unique visual style that better aligned with the demographic of the console. We loved the PS2 / Xbox graphics, and they have served us well for many years. The research we did indicated that most Wii consumers did not want a visual port of a PS2 game, so that led us to explore a style that would be exclusive to the Wii."

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# 1 BKAraujo @ 05/01/09 11:32 PM
Seems kinda cool for all the Wiis casual crowd, but not for me though. Once I got a PS3 my Wii has been collecting dust. The system is kinda cool but just gets old quick compared to Ps3 and 360.
# 2 jbluck513 @ 05/02/09 08:03 PM
i agree wit that.
# 3 maddenps2 @ 05/02/09 09:50 PM
If they are going make the game look arcady and blitz liek, they shouldn't use the same boring madden engine which is designed for simulation style gameplay. The arena league games are a good example of this, I played those and it felt just like madden and nothing like the fun and exciting atmosphere of the arena leagues.

This would excite me if they actually drastically tweaked the engine to make it more blitz like.

It's funny how he says they want it to fit the "demographic" of wii players, which has become casual and young gamers. It's sad to see nintendo water down it's games to appeal to the casual non gamers. Most games are so simple and have no challange, they are fun for a short time but the motion controls have so much lee-way it's kinda pointless.
# 4 Valdarez @ 05/02/09 10:02 PM
It will be interesting to see if it plays any differently. I read something about a point and throw now, which seems kind of weird. Like you're shooting your receiver. I don't know bout you guys, but I LOVE the Wiis controllers. I can lean back in my recliner, with a hand rested on each side and play a game. It's the epitome of laziness and is far better than playing hunched over the 360's controllers or fumbling with the PS3's controller which seems to be made for little kids (too small for my hands anyhow).

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