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PSX Extreme has posted their preview of The BIGS 2.

"Concerning the actual gameplay mechanics, fans of the original Bigs will be happy to learn that their beloved Turbo Meter is back. For hitters, it builds as you get hits (home runs build it quicker, of course) and for pitchers, put-outs and strikeouts will cause the meter to fill. But in addition to this appealing feature, Blue Castle Games is implementing a special “wheelhouse zone” for every batter. Obviously, it will be bigger and smaller depending on the hitter but if the pitcher accidentally serves one up and the ball is in your wheelhouse, you’ll have a much better chance to plant it in the bleachers. Just remember, though: if you miss a pitch that falls into your wheelhouse, your zone will decrease and unfortunately, it can’t actually increase. So if you keep missing pitches that you’re supposed to absolutely tattoo, you’re gonna pay for your incompetence in the long run. This may prove problematic, because even though it should add a definite challenge to the game, we have to take a mathematical approach to this feature… If it can only decrease, wouldn’t all wheelhouse zones eventually disappear entirely if we play long enough? That’d be annoying."

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