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GameInsano has posted their Best of Madden. It's a pretty good read. Which one is your favorite?

"In light of sports commentator John Madden’s retirement from the booth, coupled with the summer release of Madden NFL 10, a sudden overwhelming feeling made me stop and think: Which Madden rules over the rest?

The question is subjective in nature. There is no empiric evidence that points to a clear winner during the last 21 years of EA’s Madden series. The question itself might even be considered questionable –Does there have to be a best Madden? And, who cares?"

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# 1 drae2 @ 05/06/09 04:28 PM
1. Madden 92-how can you not love an ambulance running over the hurt player, and everyone else, lol.

2. Madden 05(X-Box)-best so far.

3. Madden 89-The original baby.
# 2 CapnKill @ 05/06/09 04:29 PM
PS2 Madden 08 IMO was the best.

It still had the vision cone (which obviously I thought was awesome), it had the best of all the PS2 features, Audibles on the fly, all defensive playmaker options including the 1st down marker zone, all the camera angles, etc..etc... it was just hands down the best.

I never played PS2 09, but I assume it was just as good, not sure if they added anything significant on top of 08 though.

Also I want ot note that it was the PS2 version not the xbox version that I liked. There WAS a difference and that was in man to man coverage. I found that on the XBOX for some reason even scrub CBs could hang step for step with most WRs in man coverage regardless of stats, it was a bit weird.

1. PS2 Madden 08
2. PS2 Madden 05
3. Madden 92
# 3 Outkizast @ 05/06/09 04:31 PM
I think it's odd that some of them didn't have Madden '05 in their top 5....
# 4 PlatooN @ 05/06/09 04:33 PM
Madden 05-07 for the PS2...i wish it could have logged how many hours i spent in franchise mode
# 5 bowdown2shadi @ 05/06/09 04:38 PM
Madden 05(PS2)

My brothers and I played that game so many hours. We had about 20 PS2 games at the time, and since we were playing 05 so much we decided to put 05 away and play some other games.

That only lasted about 6 hours
# 6 CapnKill @ 05/06/09 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by bowdown2shadi
Madden 05(PS2)

My brothers and I played that game so many hours. We had about 20 PS2 games at the time, and since we were playing 05 so much we decided to put 05 away and play some other games.

That only lasted about 6 hours
Yep, I was about 85% done with Metal Gear 3 when I bought Madden 05... and that thing never left my PS2. I still have not finished MG3 to this date

One thing that made Madden 05 so good in a weird way was that you couldnt' throw high... so you couldn't throw over LBers... so you REALLY had to work hard on finding good plays (comet pass anyone?) and hitting those gaps between zones and stuff... I don't even think WRs could jump in Madden 05... don't remember exactly.
# 7 bowdown2shadi @ 05/06/09 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by CapnKill
Yep, I was about 85% done with Metal Gear 3 when I bought Madden 05... and that thing never left my PS2. I still have not finished MG3 to this date
Ahh, Snake Eater was a great game. I too couldn't get into that game because of Madden 05. There were a ton of games I just couldn't get into because of how good sports titles were last gen.
# 8 Brandon_c993 @ 05/06/09 05:22 PM
1. Madden 06 (PSP, the Madden that made me a Madden fanatic)
2. Madden 08 (on Xbox)
3. Madden 07 (also Xbox)
# 9 afro_dogg20 @ 05/06/09 05:35 PM
1. Madden 04 (ps2)
2. Madden 05 (ps2)
3. Madden 99
# 10 Triathlete_201 @ 05/06/09 05:58 PM
The only Maddens I enjoyed was the first one on Sega Genesis (1990?) and Madden 1991-1993. These are the Maddens that really got me into playing football video games. The other years I was playing 95-96 (NFL gameday) and 2000-2008 (2k football). Dates in between I didn't play vid games.
# 11 jWILL253 @ 05/06/09 06:15 PM
1. Madden 07 (PS2) I spent my life and my kid's life in Franchise mode, and I don't even have a kid.

2. Madden 06 (PS2) The introduction of the QB vision. I loved it. It's a shame they did away with it in the 09 version (hint, hint).

3. Madden 2005 (PS2) Hit Stick, baby! Scatbacks, beware!

Now that that is out of the way, let us pay homage to the horrible:

1. Madden 06 (PS3/Xbox 360) I thought next-gen Madden would be phenomenal. It was, instead, murderous.

2. Madden 07 (PS3/Xbox 360) Can someone say, "Copy and paste"?

3. Madden 08 (PS3/Xbox 360) I was constantly getting destroyed by Robo Romo (that's the name I give CPU-controlled QB's. There is no stopping them).

I think Madden 09 was a step in the right direction. Here's to 10...
# 12 Bgamer90 @ 05/06/09 06:47 PM
My top 5 favorite Maddens:


My very first madden that I got with the genesis. Good times....




The very first madden I got for the PS2. I was blown away by the graphics (though not as much when I played madden 2001 for the ps2 over my cousin's house for the very first time).


Madden 2004. This is when I REALLY stated to get into madden and become a big madden fan lol. This version did so much to improve on 2003. This was the first madden game that I played online (on dial-up too lol; and beleive it or not it wasn't that bad). Innovative features like playmaker made the game really feel as if you had full control of what was going on on the field. Owner's mode was cool too and made you feel as if you had control over what was going on off the field. Overall Madden 2004 could be summed up with one word: Control. Also, Madden 04 still has the best madden soundtrack to date IMO.


Man... what can I say about this. Whatever improvements madden 2004 made to offense, madden 2005 made to the defensive (while making improvements to the offensive things that were improvements with madden 2004). Franchise got a boost with storyline central, the player models got better, and the hit stick (even though very overpowering causing a fumble pratically 90% of the time it was used properly), all made the game just a blast to play. This was the best madden in terms of the overall package. Hopefully Madden 10 will beat it in terms of this (and it seems like it really will).
# 13 Madwolf @ 05/06/09 06:58 PM
It's cool to see the Game Informer guys included in this. Sometimes I feel like they are the only ones that haven't been corrupted and paid off in their reviews.
# 14 Netherscourge @ 05/06/09 06:59 PM

That and VR Football got a lot of playing time on my Sega Saturn...

Yea, I bought a Sega Saturn - stop laughing. Nights was an awesome game too.
# 15 mKoz26 @ 05/06/09 07:04 PM
Mine was '03. I played that game so much the soundtrack was burned into my head.
# 16 bullfan#1 @ 05/06/09 07:14 PM
i have to pick the first madden i ever played madden 95 i love doing the cheat code to get the jaguars... and i love madden 2007 and 2008 for the ps2 in iraq thats all we played
# 17 Captain Obvious @ 05/06/09 08:01 PM
madden 05, everything after has failed in comparison
# 18 rckabillyRaider @ 05/06/09 08:15 PM
Madden 05 on ps2 was the greatest. That's the only madden where I played more than 1 franchise season. I got up to like 15 yrs in that one. I just recently bought 05 and 07 but for gamecube to play on my wii cuz I sold my ps2, but I just HATE the gamecube controller! I wish my ps3 was backwards compatible or my 360 played the madden games.
# 19 nightcreeper @ 05/06/09 08:34 PM
madden 04 (ps2)

madden 06 (ps2)

madden 03 (ps2)

madden 05 (ps2)

madden 02 (ps)
# 20 Valdarez @ 05/06/09 08:52 PM
2K football games and the exclusive NFL license have erased and/or replaced all of the good memories of Madden for me.

I can't recall the exact game version, but the one with the real world videos of Madden / Summerall that they talked about the games before they played them are probably the most memorable. It had more a real football season feel to it, and that's what I'm looking for in an offline/season/franchise experience and have yet to find in any football game to date.

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