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VGN247 has the scoop.

"Activision CEO Mike Griffith said in Acti Blizz’s Q1 earnings call yesterday that the new Tony Hawk game is to add a completely new dimension to the series. That’ll be a plastic skateboard, then.

“We are also planning to release our reinvention of Tony Hawk [later this year], with a very innovative and interactive game that lets consumers experience the thrill of skateboarding like never before,” said the boss.

“Our goal from the start was to reinvent this franchise back to its roots where we engaged a broad, mass market consumer, and we feel good about what this game can do. We will also unveil specifics at E3."

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# 1 GSW @ 05/08/09 10:04 AM
The Skate team at EA already deaded "Tony Hawk".

why are they coming back for more?
# 2 mgoblue @ 05/08/09 11:27 AM
New on "Tony Hawk"...ROCKETBOARDS!!! Add these rockets to your skateboards to get massive air. Complete 7 minute air combos! Grind on the Moon, or even Mars!
# 3 Stumbleweed @ 05/08/09 12:26 PM
Hopefully this just means that there will be two realistic skating games around... that's good for everyone involved. They're aware that Skate basically ruined their market, so they have to go in that realistic direction but do it better, which I think is in the realm of possibility.
# 4 GSW @ 05/08/09 01:06 PM
It's defintely in the Realm.

But i dont know how you can resurrect the dead carcass that is Tony hawk skateboarding and make it "realistic"

maybe if it was some other company.
# 5 ChaseB @ 05/08/09 01:37 PM
Ha, oh man, I enjoyed that.
# 6 Bornindamecca @ 05/08/09 02:06 PM
lmao... "Skate Hero"

We'll see.
# 7 spit_bubble @ 05/09/09 01:36 AM
Oh geez...

Skateboard controller?

Count me out.
# 8 CM Hooe @ 05/10/09 02:05 AM
Depends on how it's implemented for me.

I personally couldn't get into skate., though; to me it was way too hard. I can understand why it got all the praise it did, but it wasn't for me.
# 9 Blzer @ 05/12/09 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by mgoblue
New on "Tony Hawk"...ROCKETBOARDS!!! Add these rockets to your skateboards to get massive air. Complete 7 minute air combos! Grind on the Moon, or even Mars!
The sad thing is, they've already done that.
# 10 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/14/09 11:44 PM
I seen the board tonight on Gametrailers TV. Very innovative. It might take the nation by storm the same way Guitar Hero and Rockband did. Always got to remember you have some gamers who like totally interactivity and not just using regular controllers.

I give Tony Hawks props for always reinventing himself.
# 11 CM Hooe @ 05/15/09 12:30 AM
Does someone want to explain to me how this thing is going to work? Like, if I actually have to do a kickflip to, y'know, do a kickflip, then I'm royally screwed if I attempt to play this.

This will either revolutionize skating video games, or completely kill Tony Hawk. I'm also not surprised at all that Activision are behind this.
# 12 Blzer @ 05/15/09 01:18 AM
I foresee incident reports about plastic boards crashing through plasma screens attempting to pop shove-it.
# 13 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/15/09 02:41 AM
No you literally don't have to do a kick flip to do a kick flip. But I honestly think this will catch on for the hardcore skaters out there and for the casual gamers who want to try something different.

I mean hell Wii Wave Boards are flying off shelves even to this day. So I can imagine the tony hawk board will fly off too.

And as far as Sega's thing, that was 12 years ago. The market wasn't ready for such a thing, like it is now. The Wii system popularity has shown the market is ready for innovative ways of playing videogames other then using a standard controll pad.

Look how well Wii sports is selling. And how well the Wii Wave board with all the fitness games and other games that are made for that board is selling like crack.

Nobody thought people would pay almost $200 for Rockband accessories, but that game and Guitar Hero has sold like crack too. Even to this day I can go to Best Buy and see people playing Rockband demos in the store for HOURS.

So yeah, this Tony Hawk thing will sell well. It's different and that alone will cause people to want to try it out.
# 14 mgoblue @ 05/16/09 12:16 AM
I'll reserve judgment until we know how it controls and actually is used, but I'm skeptical...

The Wii Fit board I can understand buying for multiple games, but I'm not sure I'll drop $100+ for a peripheral used on only one game. I'm also really wondering how fun this'll make the game, since it's not like Rock Band where you can simulate guitar or drums in a fun manner...I guess I'm failing to see how it's easy to replicate a jump, spin, etc on a stationary board.

We'll see, just very very skeptical this'll be fun for me.
# 15 Cyros @ 05/18/09 04:15 PM

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