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"And if it's a more tactical game, it's also a faster one. Round 3 was essentially a digital boxing title: any single punch's animation had to finish completely before the next could be thrown, and the results of each impact were largely predictable. This time, faster combos are there for whoever can move quick enough, with a whole additional range of glancing blows and feints adding to your options, as the fighters move in and the game builds in claustrophobic intensity."


"Our time with the game was all too brief, but we saw enough to be mightily impressed. The new physics system really needs to be seen to be believed, with punches now able to penetrate through gloves and strong blows to the head causing faces to ripple in a way we thought only possible in tech demos. At one point, only spotted thanks to the slow motion replay accessible from the pause menu, Lewis got so carried away in trying to floor Tyson that he followed up a knock-out punch with a cheeky, somewhat illegal blow to the back of the head. We're not condoning such blatant disregard for the rules, but seeing it all play out was a real highlight of the whole showcase event."


"he biggest visual change, and the one that has a massive impact on gameplay, is the enhanced framerate. Round 4 moves at twice the speed of Round 3; blazing along at 60 frames per second. Sometimes the speed can be almost too much, especially if you're used to the more methodically paced FNR3. Punches fly at incredible speeds and upper-body movements and contortions can look almost unrealistic at times thanks to the increased frames per second (FPS)."

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# 1 whoady4shoady @ 05/10/09 05:41 PM
This game is going to be great. Cant wait.
# 2 BlackRome @ 05/11/09 02:31 PM
From the videos and the sounds of these hands on previews this game looks nothing like a real boxing match. It looks like heavyweights will be throwing a hundred punches a round. The game may be fun but when it comes to the science of Boxing this looks like Creationism.
# 3 JayBee74 @ 05/11/09 07:51 PM
A good writeup by a Team Xbox guy who battled George Foreman with James Toney in a scheduled 6 rounder.

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