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IGN has posted their hands-on Ashes Cricket 2009 preview, which also includes an interview.

"Ashes Cricket 2009 has been built from scratch, disposing of all the bits and pieces that went into making Ricky Ponting 2007. Yet first impressions from the build on show were of a game that feels surprisingly similar, aside from crisper graphics and noticeable improvements to the HUD and in-game options (such as being able to simulate overs - hurrah!). Once you start digging into the controls, there's evidence that some real effort has gone into providing more depth to all aspects of the game.

The first thing you notice in the HUD is that your choice of batting stroke is represented by helpful controller icons in the corner of the screen, with a little silhouette of a man (Scaramouche, scaramouche!) in the batting stance that corresponds to a lofted hit, defensive stroke or attacking drive. Moving the left analogue stick rotates a slender "batting cone" around the circular radar of the ground, so you can better aim your shot to beat the field. Once the ball comes pinging down the pitch, the timing feels natural, and we were spanking fours, nicking quick singles and even edging a few through the slips."

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# 1 bronco92 @ 05/14/09 05:06 AM
Hey guys... its a cricket game. Isn't it time that everyone jumped in here and talked about how much they dislike the sport? ;-)
# 2 ffyfe7 @ 05/14/09 06:47 AM
Man ive been waiting for a cricket game for the ps3, although with all these great games coming out i may have to make this a rental and see if it is worth an eventual buy.
# 3 GSW @ 05/14/09 04:08 PM
i have never seen cricket being played in my entire life.

what are the rules
# 4 Tigerman23 @ 05/17/09 03:40 AM
After finding out that EA's Cricket 09 wasn't coming to cosoles, I was excited to find out about Ashes 09. Codemasters' last game, BLIC 2007, wasn't the greatest, though. It was basically auto-fielding, which I didn't like. I hope there's more freedom in this game!
# 5 Jonesy @ 05/20/09 09:26 PM
Can't wait for this. My buddies and I still play Ricky Ponting cricket when we get together for beers.
# 6 Murkzilla @ 05/22/09 08:21 AM
Quite an entertaining article here on Ashes Cricket 2009: http://www.consolegaming.eu/newspost.php?id=134

Deffo think I'll be getting this one been waiting for a Cricket game for a while!
# 7 lalit34 @ 11/15/12 05:35 AM
Nice post! . I like it so much.....................

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