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EA has just posted another Madden NFL 10 blog. Ian talks about revamping how injuries work.

"Welcome back Madden faithful, it’s Monday and that means it’s time for another blog! This week we wanted to go into some depth about a new feature you can expect to see in Madden NFL 10: our revamped injury system. Hopefully this new addition is just one (of many) that continues to prove that we are focused on delivering an authentic NFL experience to our fans – and that while we are still ensuring to innovate in every single iteration, that innovation has to come inside of what’s core to NFL simulation football. As we said in our [mission statement] way back in January, we aren’t about gimmicks, we are here to create an authentic representation of the sport. “Everything You See On Sunday, See It In Madden NFL”…injuries are a major part of that.

Along with the obvious concern for the well-being of the athlete, there are also typically very major ramifications to the team when a player gets hurt. How serious is the injury? Can the player continue to play hurt even with the risk of re-injury? How well can his backup fill in if he is out? How will the team adjust to continue without him? Will their opponent exploit the loss of the starter? We wanted to emulate all of this strategy, suspense, and emotion behind injuries in Madden NFL 10."

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Member Comments
# 1 SouthernBrick @ 05/18/09 02:53 PM
# 2 xblake16x @ 05/18/09 02:54 PM
good find and alot more realistic than last year
# 3 Netherscourge @ 05/18/09 02:55 PM
Now all we need is a psychotic Ambulance driver and we're set.

# 4 TyghtWork @ 05/18/09 02:55 PM
thats sweet. ea keep up the good work. 8-14-09 is so far away.
# 5 RGiles36 @ 05/18/09 03:00 PM
Are you guys sniffing these updates out?!? Damn LOL.
# 6 Bgamer90 @ 05/18/09 03:01 PM
# 7 NYyankz225 @ 05/18/09 03:01 PM
Oh yes, Packers/Bears footage!

Look who's getting injured? Just like I said
# 8 Maximus205 @ 05/18/09 03:02 PM
Yall some Bloodhounds today!! Nice find.
# 9 cowboyscowboys @ 05/18/09 03:03 PM
Nice vid obviously today's blog.
# 10 Maximus205 @ 05/18/09 03:04 PM
Where did you get the blog? Its not up at the site yet.
# 11 Big_Mig_11 @ 05/18/09 03:07 PM

OH YEAH!!!!!! Lovin' IT!!!

OH and Listen closely to the backgrund in the video...the stadium music sounds like "Breed" from Nirvana!!! One song on the soundtrack down!! I always thought that song should be in Madden!! Hope Im right....
# 12 Netherscourge @ 05/18/09 03:08 PM
Looks cool. I hope they have scenes of players walking off (or driving off) the sidelines into the tunnels for x-rays and stuff.

Guys on bikes, guys getting stretched out on tables, dislocated fingers popped back into place, etc...

It would add to the presentation.
# 13 CM Hooe @ 05/18/09 03:09 PM
The only question that I leave this blog with is this: is there any sort of concept of player health over the course of his career in franchise mode beyond the player's injury rating, a la the body part health thing in NFL Head Coach 09?

Other than that, this is a nice add.
# 14 Ian_Cummings @ 05/18/09 03:14 PM
Argh! It's not even officially posted yet...damn you detectives!
# 15 Lodeus @ 05/18/09 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by buddyhobbs321813
What he said.
# 16 Big_Mig_11 @ 05/18/09 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
Argh! It's not even officially posted yet...damn you detectives!

Am I right about the song??? Not sure if you can answer or not...
# 17 Da Bears @ 05/18/09 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
Argh! It's not even officially posted yet...damn you detectives!

We want info ASAP!! lol
# 18 KANE699 @ 05/18/09 03:16 PM
The madden 09 picture and two videos aren't showing up for me.
# 19 NYyankz225 @ 05/18/09 03:17 PM
Thanks for getting some Packer footage in there Ian, however brief it was. Especially with us injuring Da Bears .
# 20 Bgamer90 @ 05/18/09 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
Argh! It's not even officially posted yet...damn you detectives!
lol I kinda figured since there's a pic and a vid missing from it.

I just clicked on the description from the youtube vid and it was there.

Don't sue me!!!!

But yeah, this is looking real good. The game is shaping up to be great. I almost can't play Madden 09 at all now after hearing all the things that have been said about 10.

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