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ESPN Videogames have posted an interview with Robomodo's president, Josh Tsui, as they talk about Tony Hawk: Ride, as well as the new controller board.

ESPN Videogames: "You mentioned the new game that goes along with the board. What's the story behind it?"

Josh Tsui: "Because we knew that people were going to be standing on a board to control the game, we wanted to make sure that the experience of the game itself supported that people were standing there. We looked at what made previous Tony Hawk games fun and tried to keep as much of that as possible, but always with the mindset of hey, people are going to be standing on this board and if the experience is too long, they are going to get tired. So we made a decision that instead of going with the giant open world, let's step back a little bit and do more, for lack of a better term, enclosed-type levels.

So if you're in a plaza in downtown Chicago, you're basically skating in that plaza. You're not going to go out of that plaza and go down the street to find something else to do. We found in our prototype test that people wanted to have gameplay right there in front of them as opposed to pushing on the skateboard for five minutes looking for something to do. That's just not fun when you're standing on a board. So that's one of the biggest changes, and inadvertently, that goes back to the original "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" days where you're in a closed area and you're sessioning for a couple of minutes before passing the controller off to the next guy who tries to beat your score. It's like a fresh take on retro Tony Hawk games."

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