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Vg247 has the scoop.

"The title, shipping at the end of May, features a meld of American environments, the collation of which was a labour of love for developer Asobo."

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# 1 Pepenfl @ 05/22/09 06:30 AM
# 2 Pepenfl @ 05/22/09 12:03 PM
Sorry about that, my english is poor.

But the game looks terrific.
# 3 bkfount @ 05/22/09 12:45 PM
Interesting that this game has set a Guinness record as biggest console game ever, with more than 5k square miles. Test Drive Unlimited was on Oahu and only had like 1,000 drivable miles, and it took 45 minutes or more to drive around the island at top speed in a Koenigsegg.

I also hope it's not just hype. Mass Effect had tons of planets in their galaxy, but almost all of them were just generic generated terrain.
# 4 madscientist @ 06/06/09 09:08 AM
I bought this because I enjoyed driving around in TD Unlimited, and I have not been disappointed. The night/day cycle and weather in this game are amazing to behold, and I've not even made it off of the first area yet.
# 5 LingeringRegime @ 06/06/09 09:37 AM
I'd like to see some impressions because IGN gave it a 5.1.

# 6 Zalf @ 06/06/09 11:32 AM
5.1 is way too low.

This isn't anywhere close to sim racing but it is TDU on steroids set in a Mad Max(not Road Warrior) style West USA. You don't get the shiny name brand cars but you get a big variety of cars that handle significantly different. Racing is pretty much standard TDU style. A few different kinds of races. There are various things to find in open world; paint styles(liveries), vistas(nice scenery spots), and vehicles. I have read there is a severe catchup code but I have yet to see it in action. There is damage and your car will show some wear, but it has no real effect. First person view is nothing special. It is a front bumper type came and not a cockpit view. Motorcycles and Quads feel different but are still way more stable than anything trying to be a sim.

The environmental graphics are great. Driving into a thunderstorm is awe-inspiring. It really creates a world I would like to know more about.

It could move from a good game to an outstanding game if it had just a little bit of role-playing/back story because the world seems ideal for it and you don't get any explanation of when/where you are and why. Feeling like you are part of a story and racing for a reason would really work here. Just a little of it would have gone a long way.

The sound is absolutely horrible. You will switch vehicles in different terrain because if you are in a car that is spinning the tires or can't get up to speed the sound will drive you crazy.

It isn't Forza but it isn't trying to be. It is a time killer that has enough quality to make you forget you are killing time. If you played TDU and can imagine TDU in a Mad Max setting with off road added in then that is exactly what you get.
# 7 LingeringRegime @ 06/06/09 04:15 PM
Thanks for the impressions Zalf, I will give it a rental and go from there.

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