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IGN has posted their hands-on preview of Dirt 2.

"By the player's bed lies a heavily thumbed magazine and within its pages are a series of articles outlining online activity, letting the player know who has beat what record and where, while friend's achievements and antics pop up as scribbles on the posters."

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# 1 StormJH1 @ 05/27/09 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by hdaniel1
IGN has posted their hands-on preview of Dirt 2.
Codemasters makes terrific games, and Dirt 2 looks great. I just get the feeling that like 7 people in the U.S. will play it. If you go online, the rooms are full of knowledgable Brits and other Europeans...racing games are like FPS's for that crowd.

Last generation, everybody was asking if Gran Turismo 4 was going to have damage or online play, and the answer was "no" for both. Meanwhile, TOCA 3 came out, and practically nobody noticed that it had car damage AND online play and was a better overall game.

Hope this game does well.
# 2 ezekiel55 @ 05/27/09 01:03 PM
Not a real big racing game fan, but I'm really looking forward to this game.
# 3 jms493 @ 05/27/09 02:11 PM
I think this game will do well after alot of people liking the first one. Especially with a full blown online racing portion.
# 4 jms493 @ 05/27/09 07:12 PM
because nobody has the racing wheel
# 5 thaima1shu @ 05/28/09 12:28 AM
Never got the chance to play the first Dirt. But I'm pretty interested in any game that I can use my WRX the way it was meant to be!

Any reason I should try to find a copy of the first one, or should I just wait for the second Dirt?
# 6 Kruza @ 05/28/09 09:38 AM
DIRT 2 is said to be very different from the original as far as the physics/handling model and the single-player Career mode format goes. So unless you have a really strong urge in playing the original DIRT right now, no matter what... I would recommend to pass and wait for part 2.

# 7 VDusen04 @ 05/29/09 11:09 PM
I'm looking forward to this games' release. I'm hoping for a retention of classic rally courses, not an overload of fantasy tracks. I was also hoping for more weather conditions (such as snow) but with a name like Dirt you're kind of limited I suppose.
# 8 jms493 @ 05/30/09 10:24 AM
yeah i cant wait.......1st day purchase

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