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Joystiq has posted another Madden NFL 10 article, this one titled Madden 10: Did EA press reset?

"Frazier, Cummings and the rest of the staff are frustrated by the repetitive criticisms lobbed at Madden. Frazier vehemently defended the integrity of this team, if not the integrity of EA Sports' exclusive right to use NFL licenses. "We found out about it the same day everyone else did," Frazier said of the deal. "I get that concern." But Frazier was quick to point out that EA has invested more money in Madden this year than any previous year, suggesting that at no level in the company is there a push to ease back on development initiative in the wake of diminished competition. "EA isn't trying to get lazy with this franchise," Frazier insisted. EA isn't trying to get overly ambitious either."

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# 1 Bgamer90 @ 05/28/09 04:28 PM


Despite its massive following, Joystiq has largely treated the series as uninteresting. Year in, year out, the process has grown mechanical: the annual announcement, followed by details of game enhancements, and then, of course, a look at those supposedly cursed cover athletes. Then, silence. The game's released. A few months later, news of its sales dominance. Rinse. Repeat. Reset.
Told you guys they were never really that interested in the game...
# 2 Smoke316 @ 05/28/09 04:37 PM
Nice article by joystiq in my opinion. Its an article from the outsider looking into the Madden franchise. Sure you can argue that every yr is just a roster update with a few improvements here and there. There is nothing wrong with "constructive skepticism" on the part of joystiq and those alike. However i think this year , with the renewed focus of the dev team , things will be different going forward. Im also looking forward to after the game is released to see how the dev team continues to interact with us as a community.
# 3 Bgamer90 @ 05/28/09 04:40 PM
Seems like someone beat me to the punch in posting this.

Mods can lock this if they want...
# 4 kwas676 @ 05/28/09 04:48 PM
The whole article was like a kid crying but you don't know what there crying about.
# 5 kwas676 @ 05/28/09 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by [email protected]_WiZaRD
This guy's major beef is that the EA dev crew isn't working on a team-play feature called Madden Online?


This guy is ********. 99.9% of Madden fans are PRIMARILY interested in the presentation and gameplay upgrades - the very upgrades that he so non-chalantly trivialized as "non-intuitive" branches for development.
Yeah lets not foucse on gang tackling, presentations, sig styles lets focuse on TEAM PLAY, TEAM PLAY. Cause thats what madden really missing TEAM PLAY.
# 6 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/28/09 04:56 PM
Oh well some people cry about different things. But I am glad EA took a step forward this year to make madden even better.
# 7 Bgamer90 @ 05/28/09 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by kwas676
The whole article was like a kid crying but you don'y know what there crying about.
I know exactly what you mean.

It's like even though everything that they talked about in the previous article was addressed by Ian/Phil and noted in this article, in this article they still tried to find ways to try and say to readers why they shouldn't be interested in the game (and also why they themselves never were).

The fact that they said that "The Emotions of the NFL" was a new game mode in the previous article kind of shows that they didn't care nothing much of the game (since EA corrected them saying that it wasn't; man all that time speculating about what the mode could be about here at OS has been wasted lol).

Yeah... I would be surprised if EA Sports would still let these guys preview any other games in the future...
# 8 lgxjames @ 05/28/09 05:01 PM
I couldnt tell if the article was suppose to be a apology for half-****** the preview or to better justify the reason he was bashing the game
# 9 Jamin23 @ 05/28/09 05:01 PM
I'm sure you all know that song I *****... I hate her!! Haters. Very inaccurate preview.
# 10 Bgamer90 @ 05/28/09 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by Derrville
. Sounds more like EA whined about the way they took it and pressured them to write this.
Not really...

joystiq's previous article had false information (i.e. "Emotion of the NFL" mode; what Pro-Tak does to the game, etc.) and that's why they made this one.
# 11 GiantBlue76 @ 05/28/09 05:04 PM
Actually, that's not what he is really saying in the article. I took it as him saying that over recent years (like the last 4), the Madden franchise hasn't innovated anything. Are you going to say he's wrong? He is using team play as an example. Something that is unprecedented. This year's madden team has worked their asses off, but really to mainly catch up to older maddens or "the other game". That's not innovation. Pro-Tak could be, we have to see how it plays out. Truly adaptive AI, a spectator mode for online leagues, online fantasy/franchise leagues... The door is wide open for all of those things. Everyone agrees that gameplay is the first and foremost. Ian and Phil have worked tirelessly, no doubt, to get that part of it up to par. The guy is basically saying this year's madden is like a version 1.0. It's a new beginning of the game to be built upon in the future just as 2k did with their franchise.
# 12 cdon2k @ 05/28/09 05:07 PM
My problem with the article is that on the first paragraph or so is negative. On the main page, all you see is that negative passage. Joystiq only admits fault after the jump if a user clicks on the story. Not cool.
# 13 Bgamer90 @ 05/28/09 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by Derrville
Yes really....
If that was the case then they would have done that with many other articles in the past that were negative (such as the various ones that were made after the news about the exclusive NFL license).

Again, when you are a "trusted" publication/site and you post false info about something, you have to correct it or else you run a risk.
# 14 MelMan1486 @ 05/28/09 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by Derrville
Really? So when Madden basically lied about gameplay and presentation aspects of previous installments, that was ok? Lol please.

Im sure if it was a "positive" article EA would not care about the inaccuracies.

This is just wow.
# 15 g2thecore @ 05/28/09 05:29 PM
I refuse to read the article just because it's from Joystiq.....
# 16 tylerd02 @ 05/28/09 05:33 PM
I hate the second screen shot they have. I thought they were getting rid of the super human jumps by DBs.
# 17 Broncos86 @ 05/28/09 05:47 PM
I wouldn't dare write a review about an orchestral concert, nor would I write a review on a masterpiece painting, or a broadway show. Why? Because I'm in no position to do so. I have no desire or great thrill, and I do not appreciate them as I do the things I care deeply about.

So why should I listen to an article that starts off by telling us how much they don't care about Madden?
# 18 Bgamer90 @ 05/28/09 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by Derrville
Really? So when Madden basically lied about gameplay and presentation aspects of previous installments, that was ok? Lol please.
All games (or products for that matter) in some way make features sound better then what they really are. That's advertising.

Now in terms of lying, what did they completely lie about?

Anyways, what I'm saying though is that if you are a site/mag giving info on something, you have to be accurate or else you can get into some problems. That's why many mags and stuff have a section dedicated to correcting things that were said in previous articles. Them saying that there was a new mode was a big thing that they needed to fix since people who might have read the article and eventually got the game might have been looking for that mode.

Im sure if it was a "positive" article EA would not care about the inaccuracies.
Thing is though, I've never really seen an article about Madden that was fairly positive that had inaccuracies in what the features do.

This is just wow.
Why is it?

When you work hard on something you wouldn't get kinda frustrated if people kept calling you lazy?

Seems like a bunch of yall are butt hurt the site doesnt kiss M10s ***.
LOL, none of the articles have.

Just about all of the previews have said something about the game that needs to be fixed in terms of that certain build.

This article really didn't, and also it really didn't state much about the person who made the article's experience with madden 10 and that's why many are deeming this article, and the previous article by them, as being pretty bad.
# 19 steelernation28 @ 05/28/09 05:52 PM
I couldn't agree more.
# 20 dougdeuce @ 05/28/09 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by tylerd02
I hate the second screen shot they have. I thought they were getting rid of the super human jumps by DBs.
that pic is SUPER OLD.. it's been documented and discussed, and yes is removed.

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